Star Wars Episode VII:: A Rehashed Hope

On the desert planet of not-Tatooine, not-Vader searches for the map to Luke Skywalker, which the not-Rebels stored in the utility droid not-R2. Fleeing from the not-Empire, not-R2 encounters not-Luke, an impoverished orphan making a living as a scavenger. After meeting up with a defecting stormtrooper, not-Luke and not-R2 escape not-Tatooine on the Millenium Falcon. They soon meet up with old Han and Chewbacca, who take them to not-Yoda, an elderly alien who has extensive knowledge of the force and of the Skywalkers. But then, the not-Empire attacks, and not-Vader captures not-Luke and takes her back to the not-Death Star, where he interrogates her under the orders of his holographic master not-Palpatine. The not-Rebels, based on the jungle world of not-Yavin, launch a daring raid against the not-Death Star’s only weakness. Although many of their X-wings are destroyed, the not-Rebels succeed in destroying the not-Death Star, although not-Vader kills old Han aka not-Obi Wan just before the heroes escape. Back on not-Yavin, the not-Rebels celebrate their victory, while not-Luke goes off in search of an aged jedi master in hiding who can further train her in the force, her maybe-father real-Luke.