Snoop Dogg is far beyond just a rap superstar… He’s a serial entrepreneur who has his hands on everything and anything in the cannabis space.

Snoop Dogg enjoys Do It Fluid in Death Row Tha Shiznit Blue Razz (C) Hill Beverage Co.

Snoop Dogg Continues Smokeless With Hill Beverage Co. Launch Of Do It Fluid Hemp Beverages

Most recently, the Long Beach native shook up the world when he announced he wasn’t smoking anymore. Of course, many were speculating this was a publicity stunt, as Snoop announced his partnership with a smokeless stove called The Snoop Stove just a few days later.

Now, Snoop and Death Row Records are partnering with Hill Beverage Co. to launch their new hemp beverage line, Do It Fluid. These drinks not only get you high, but serve as a great alternative to alcoholic beverages and traditional smoking. Each beverage is made with all-natural, high quality ingredients, infused with hemp-derived THC and CBD infusions. Delta-9 versions are available as well.

The Death Row line of Do It Fluid: G'Dup Blood Orange and Tha Shiznit Blue Razz (C) Hill Beverage Co.

What Flavors Of Do It Fluid Hemp Beverages Are Available?

The Do It Fluid beverages come in four flavors: G’Dup Blood Orange, Tha Shiznit Blue Razz, Cherry Limeade and Peaches N' Honies, which can each be enjoyed in a CBD-only or a CBD-THC / CBD-Delta-9 format. Each under-90-calorie drink is made with carbonated water, cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, monk fruit, natural flavor and other ingredients, as well as “a proprietary terpene cannabinoid blend.”

The Dogg LBs line of Do It Fluid: Cherry Limeade and Peaches N Honies (C) Hill Beverage Co.

What Does The Do It Fluid Beverage Line Mean To Snoop Dogg?

Though Snoop is definitely not quitting cannabis, he made it clear in a statement that his work with Hill Beverage Co. and the Do It Fluid line would be forming part of an emerging path. “As I take the next step forward in my smoking evolution, Hill Beverage Co.’s vision for cannabis beverages was the perfect transition,” the artist said. “What we’ve created is an all-natural and delicious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the high, while providing fans with the perfect option for day or night.”

Hill Beverage Co. Founder Jake Hill Talks Working With Snoop Dogg And The Do It Fluid Experience

Jake Hill, CEO and founder of Hill Beverage Co., is a veteran in the space, having worked with more than a dozen cannabis-driven companies as well as Grow Automations LLC, a company he created to address the gap in reliable automation and consulting within the cannabis industry. Some companies he’s worked closely with include Cookies, Clout King, and Dr. Greenthumb.

Honeysuckle spoke with Jake Hill on how this partnership came to be.

SHIRLEY JU: What’s your relationship with Snoop Dogg? How did the idea for the beverages come about?

JAKE HILL: Our relationship technically began when my tech company, which utilizes advanced automation and machine-learning robotics for controlled environments, began working with AK from Death Row Records Cannabis. Through my work and relationship with the team, we had fun with the idea of launching a beverage line, which came to fruition after presenting the possibilities to Snoop. Now, we regularly communicate, as he has a hand in everything from the taste testing to the branding of the Do It Fluid line. I am so lucky to be a part of this project, which is powered by some of my company’s technologies. It’s truly a dream come true.

What’s your favorite Do It Fluid flavor and why?

This is so hard to answer - they’re all my favorite! Snoop and I spent a lot of time making sure that we perfected the line, so everyone would have a positive experience with every sip. Each drink offers different, full bodied flavor experiences. I think each will truly resonate with a

variety of our consumers - whether they prefer sweet, savory or refreshing sensations. If I HAD to choose, I might go with Peaches N Honies - the perfect go-to for a hot day by the pool or after a workout. Cherry Limeade and Blood Orange are tied for second, but Blue Razz isn’t that far behind.

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