Between all the social media platforms, skincare has become a rising popular topic for posts. Influencers show their skincare routines, celebrities show what products they use and YouTubers take you through their extensive regime of different high-end products that they swear by. 

Some of these trends can be pretty expensive for mild results; here we take you through some of the top skincare trends to see if they are really worth the hype.

Hydrocolloid Bandages

These bandages come in small packs, and they tend to be clear. Some are fancier and come looking like little stickers with pictures on them but the most affordable ones are small round patches. These bandages are always worth it, whether they are the large patches or small circles, they do wonders for reducing redness and extracting dirt.

Aztec Clay Facial Mask


Masks have always been all the rage, but this new face mask that comes in a powder form is stepping up the game. This mask can easily be found at your local store and is always worth the purchase. Your face will be a bit red after so make sure you aren’t going out for the night before you put this one on. Our main tip would be to make sure to mix this with pure apple cider vinegar that includes the mother in it. Then apply and feel your face tighten. 

 The Ordinary Peeling Solution 

This is a bit on the pricier side but is known for being a great brand of skincare. If you are looking to spend a bit more money then this is definitely for you. This mask helps minimize pores and freshen skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

This is easily sold in many forms by many companies which is perfect for customization to your budget and needs. This product will help you reduce fine lines, heal the face and keep the skin hydrated and protected. A couple favorite brands that sell this are Glossier, The Ordinary and Olay.

Lip Mask


\It feels like we take care of our lips but just adding everyday chapstick but there is more to the process. Using a lip mask helps nourish your lips, keep them moisturized, and reduce the fine lines that can form around lips from drinking with straws. Out of all of them this Laneige one is the best.  

Homemade Mask Machine

These machines allow you to place ingredients you choose in them to make your own gel mask. This one is definitely not worth it because you can easily break out or irritate your skin with certain ingredients. If you want to make your own mask there are plenty of ways to do so without a pricey machine.

Pore Cream

Ads for these pore cleansing creams that are supposed to make your clogged pores disappear are all fake. These are a complete waste of money, and there is not a product out there that will make your pores disappear in such little time.