We’ve gotten wind of some truly “Haute Honey” that reminds exactly why the late, legendary Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. (RIP to the GOAT.) We caught up with the team at Shack15 – a private members club in San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building – to get the scope on their latest experience. Designed with both the canna-curious and canna-confident in mind, get ready to embark on a journey that will tantalize your senses, ignite your curiosity, and leave you craving for more. Shack15, the pioneers of cutting-edge innovation and immersive education experiences, have partnered with Ona.Life to shine a spotlight on the unique world of craft cannabis offerings plucked from a smorgasbord that blends influences from the region’s thriving food and wine scene with today’s “wacky tobacky.” Brace yourselves for Shack15 Conversations: The Epicurean Herb!

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What Is Shack15's "The Epicurean Herb"? A Curated Experience With Maison Bloom And Sonoma Hills Farm

If you thought Shack15 was all about tech and gadgets and sound baths, think again. These daring inventors have teamed up with beverage brand Maison Bloom and craft cultivator Sonoma Hills Farm to curate an experience that's rewriting the rules of cannabis indulgence. The Epicurean Herb is a not-to-be-missed event that's pushing the envelope of sophistication and elevating your perception of what cannabis can be. Most intriguingly, it provides a guided sensory tour of both the craft cannabis and craft cannabis beverage spheres.

When cannabis meets high-end epicurean delights, it's a sensory wonderland where the curious come to play. Shack15 knows how to throw a party, and they're rolling out the green carpet for all the canna-connoisseurs and cannabis-curious folks out there. Now, let's talk about the stars of the show who are mixing education and immersion. The evening will include a fireside styled chat with Chief Innovation Officer and Master Mixologist Jake Wall of Maison Bloom and Chief Cultivator Aaron Keefer of Sonoma Hills Farm sharing the unique ways in which their passions collide to create products that are both flavor-rich and effect-enhanced, informed by the terroir more akin to a vintner’s approach to winemaking but through the lens of weed.

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Which Interactive, Culinary, And Beverage Experiences Will You Find At Shack15 Conversations: The Epicurean Herb?

The event is enhanced by delicious interactive hosted experiences that you can’t get elsewhere. Fresh off their recent wins at both the Emerald Cup and The California State Fair, Sonoma Hills Farm will take guests through a terpenes-focused bar and sensory station intended to educate, immerse, and engage the senses like no other. Maison Bloom brings the “table” to compliment the “farm” with the brand’s signature BLOOM Bar Tasting Flights offering guided tours of what is truly possible when craft cannabis is curated into luscious libations with the same care you see in fine wine.

Attendees will also experience tantalizing edible creations infused with the finest cannabis. Shack15 has teamed up with culinary wizards who've mastered the art of marrying flavors and elevating experiences to a whole new level. Get ready to delight in cannabis-infused gourmet delectables that will make your taste buds dance in ecstasy.

Taking you on a journey through the cannabis multiverse, where you'll learn about the intriguing origins, the power of terpenes, and the art of crafting cannabis-infused delicacies that'll impress even the most discerning foodie is only one half the equation.  The Shack15 and Ona.Life teams know how to throw a party, and they're bringing the house down with their signature blend of edgy, playful humor and infectious enthusiasm alongside a special gift bag for the first 25 guests in attendance.

Where And When Is Shack15 Conversations: The Epicurean Herb?

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for Shack15 Conversations: The Epicurean Herb on Wednesday, July 26th, hosted within Shack15 at 1 Ferry Building Suite 201, San Francisco, CA. Elevate your senses, indulge in the extraordinary, and join us for a night of endless surprises. Click here to get your tickets.

For more about Shack15, visit shack15.com. To learn more about the event partners, visit ona.life, lovemaisonbloom.com, and sonomahillsfarm.com.

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