Queen Of Cups

As the summer months begin to fade, you may find you’re more sensitive than usual. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to long days and warm nights. Or perhaps you know it’s time to get back to work and that has you feeling some type of way. No matter what the reason (or even if there is none at all), let your emotions flow freely. There is something quite beautiful about expressing what’s in your heart without a filter.

Intuition is strong as well. What do your instincts have to say about a person or situation? Don’t ignore those feelings. Instead, let them guide you and see where they lead. You’ll probably be astounded to discover your sixth sense is accurate as can be. Funny how that is, right?


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Featured image: QUEEN OF CUPS (C) Carl Rohrig, 1991 / roehrigart.com; for more about the Rohrig Tarot, click here.