The queens showcase their expertise in song and dance in ‘60 girl group fashion. The Rupremes, The Runettes and The Shangrulas. Actor and comedian Alec Mapa guest judges.

Season 14 Library: Reading Mini Challenge

The competition is heating up and the roast is on. This week’s mini challenge is the grand tradition of the legendary documentary Paris is Burning. The library is open because “reading is fundamental!” The queens take the opportunity to talk shit airing out their true feelings. The most deadly line is, “she [RuPaul] wanted to be buried on the catwalk and wanted all of you to be her pallbearers, that way you can let her down on the runway one last time.” Bosco delivered that killer punch securing herself the win along with $2,500.

Groove in 60’s Girls Group

At this stage in the competition, the queens are given more way and get to pick their teams. It is a strategy of choosing the right song to perform to and having the right girls on your teams. The queens then had to write their own verses and choreography a dance, channeling their inner superstar as they delivered top chart performances.

Lady Camden, Kerri and Angeria were The Rupremes. A lot of pressure was on Lady Camden since Angeria and Kerri are not dancers. Lady Camden choreographed their dance with mainly arms movements and walking to cater to their (lack of) skill.

Jorgeous, Deja and Jasmine were the last trio, The Shangrulas, singing “Bye Bye Baby.” Deja has a beautiful voice and kept it hidden no more. While Jasmine’s dance skills carried the girls through. But The Runettes trio made up of Willow, Daya and Bosco outshined the rest. Adorned in black glittery jumpsuits Willow choreographed their dance that secured their win.

Cardiac Couture - Heart On Runway

Bringing love to the Drag Race stage this runway was Valentine's Day part 2. In her heart panties dress, stitched from red and pink lingerie, Willow Pill graced the stage first. In a look only Daya Betty could pull off, it was cyberpunk love, black leather with neon heart details. It was hearts on, buns out as Bosco sashayed in all white, delivering vampiric mistress. Here to save the day Deja Skye was our heart superhero in red, white and blue with big red heart shoulders. An even bigger heart was Jorgeous’ park wings made from ostrich feathers.

In goddess fashion, Jasmine Kennedie was Aphrodite in a wine-colored gown etched with sparkly heart-shaped details. Angeria let us know she can do more than just pageantry delivering a black and white Barbie fantasy. Kerri followed suit trying to deliver a different style, a twisted heart. A blood vessel dress with “bloody shoes for a bloody bitch.” Last but not least Lady Camden also delivered goddess with her Cupid look, her big heart shot with arrows.

Mama Ru’s Decision

Despite the group competition each queen was judged as individuals. With their 60s girl group win Willow, Bosco and Jasmine were safe. The Shangrulas and The Rupremes received critiques. Daya grabbed the limelight in the group. Deja brought 60s glamor with camp. But for Jasmine, it was clear singing is not her forte. Angeria sold the Supremes inspiration. Kerri however put too many emotions making the performance gospel. Worst yet Lady Camden faded in the background.

Daya Betty wins the challenge and the $5,000 dollar cash prize. Angeria and Deja are safe, leaving Jasmine and Kerri up for elimination. Jasmine is devastated and doesn’t want to sing against Kerri. While Kerri says lipsyncing against Jasmine is heartbreaking but ready she is ready to slay. The two battle it out with “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton. Jasmine sacrificed her shoe with a brave kick. Kerri vogued and floated around the stage but Mama Ru told Jasmine “shantay you stay.” And with no golden ticket, Kerri sashayed away.

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