After last week's surprise twist (spoiler alert) where Bosco was saved from elimination by the gold RuPaul's Chocolate Bar, the seven remaining queens are still fighting for the crown. As the contestants pause to reflect on Bosco's luck with immunity, following a moment where everyone had named her as the next queen to go, Bosco takes the opportunity to apologize for her fight with Lady Camden over the starring role in Moulin Ru. The two make up in a heartwarming moment and it's off to the next leg of the adventure.

Special Guest Norvina and the RuPaint Mini Challenge

The next day in the Werk Room, Ru appears to introduce the queens to a special guest, Norvina, the president of Anastasia Beverly Hills. All good RPDR fans know that the season's winner will go home with a year's supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics. But Norvina isn't here just to talk about her beauty products. Instead, she's here to help Ru and the contestants with their mini challenge. Today the queens will have the opportunity to paint RuPaul's face!

In the studio, they're greeted by a giant makeup set and two huge boards with pictures of Ru and Dolly Parton to paint. a recreation of the famous mural by Gus Cutty in Asheville, North Carolina. A team of three - DeJa Skye, Jorgeous and Angeria Paris VanMichaels - is formed to battle a team of four: Lady Camden, Willow Pill, Daya Betty and Bosco. Though both groups have fun in a wild painting frenzy, it's the team of four painting Dolly Parton's picture that prevails. Unfortunately DeJa Skye did a little too much retouching on RuPaul's nose, and that just won't do.

Each of the winners receives $1,500 worth of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics.

Maxi Challenge: The Roast of Ross Matthews

Back in the Werk Room, Ru reveals this week's maxi challenge: The queens will be participating in a classic comedy roast. The twist? Their guest of honor will be none other than judge Ross Matthews! "Rip her to shreds," Ru instructs the contestants.

However, there's yet another shocking swerve. Because the team of Lady Camden, Willow, Daya and Bosco won the mini challenge, they now can determine the order of speakers at the roast.

The hilarious Dulce Sloan joins Michelle Visage in couching the ladies for the roast. Jorgeous is already nervous because comedy has not been her strength. In fact, all the queens should be a bit on edge - their last major attempt at comedy, in Snatch Game, was a famous failure.

Remarkably, DeJa Skye doesn't fare well in the roast, even though she won Snatch Game. Jorgeous also creates a self-fulfilling prophecy when she can't score the biggest laughs in the room.

Redemption is in the air for some. Though Bosco struggles in the rehearsals, she ultimately ends up winning the roast. This makes her third win of the season, the most for any queen in the cast thus far.

Never Enough of Tutu Much Runway

Each queen had a different definition of tutu on the Tutu Much runway. Expectations were high for our favorite ballerina Lady Camden and she delivered. While Angeria took tutu much literally in her 4-tier tutu gown.

Inspiration sprang from across the board. Pulling from West Side Story Jorgeous was our lesbian biker. While Willow Pill brought to life the love child of Donatella Versace and Cruella de Vil.

A Bottom Three Lip Sync

And here comes another surprise. Instead of the bottom two this week, it's a bottom three elimination round, meaning TWO queens will leave the competition. (Guess we have to make up for all the non-elimination episodes somewhere.)

DeJa Skye, Jorgeous and Daya Betty are in the bottom three. Lip syncing to "Good 4 U" by Olivia Rodrigo. Daya Betty rocks her performance out, meaning Jorgeous and DeJa are the queens to sashay away.

We Have the Final Five!

Our final five queens of Season 14 are Willow Pill, Bosco, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Lady Camden, and Daya Betty. With immunity out the door, it's every girl for herself. Who will win the crown?

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