In a groundbreaking journey, Cindy Lam and Scott Nguyen are transforming the cannabis retail landscape through inventive display solutions. Lam, owner of the acclaimed Remedy Design Group, co-founded Remedy Displays with business partner Nguyen, who brought on early experiences from the cannabis space to emphasize aesthetics, operations, and merchandising. With backgrounds in retail and commercial design, they are the experts reshaping how cannabis products are showcased and experienced.

"I really believe that cannabis shopping should be like any other beautiful store out there that we go to,” says Lam. “When we buy our makeup, when we buy our food, we want that experience. We want it to be enticing and engaging for customers. Even with baked goods, seeing and smelling how fresh it is will be much more experiential than selecting from a photo or standard packet. That’s how we envision the customer experience to be for cannabis using our flexible displays.”

How Cindy Lam uses her experience in creating communal spaces to develop Remedy Displays:


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Cindy Lam's career began by creating communal spaces for brands like Cole Haan in New York, focusing on efficiency and community engagement. This laid the foundation for an eventual return to Lam’s native California, where she took on a design role at Starbucks, then after some years took a leap of faith in starting her own brand. She marked her entry into the cannabis industry by designing a dispensary in Long Beach, with many more opportunities following. Her experience in retail design has been instrumental in understanding consumer behavior and translating it into effective store layouts.

When Nguyen joined forces with Lam to design over 20 cannabis stores, their hands-on experience exposed them to the challenges faced by cannabis retailers, particularly in showcasing products effectively while adhering to regulations. Nguyen’s background in operational management and operational efficiency has been crucial in developing displays that not only look good but also function efficiently in a retail environment.

"Right now, [dispensaries] are just promoting packaging,” Nguyen explains, “and it goes beyond that. People should be able to see the quality of products and have a way to smell a blunt or see the shape and scale of a vape before purchasing it. And if you are trying to push product, you show off the real products, and that's where the displays come into play."

How Remedy Displays’ designs are changing the cannabis retail experience: 

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Remedy offers customizable and flexible countertop solutions, adapting to the industry's evolving needs, blending security, visibility, and flexibility. They allow retailers to reconfigure displays based on changing customer preferences or seasonal trends, enhancing both aesthetics and operational efficiency. The modular design of Remedy displays ensures that they can be easily installed and modified through graphic artwork and signage, saving time and money for new brands.

"All the displays are intended to save the operators money, allowing them to operate efficiently while making them look good, ultimately setting them up for success,” shares Nguyen.

The Remedy Scenting Jar is elevating cannabis retail design.

Remedy Scenting Jars (C) Remedy Displays

The duo's vision is to elevate the cannabis industry, breaking the stigma associated with it. Their latest innovation, the Remedy Scenting Jar, merges functionality with style, offering a unique way to showcase and preserve cannabis products. Unlike traditional displays, these glass jars provide a more appealing and functional option for retailers. The scenting jars not only enhance the customer experience but also help create a more immersive environment in dispensaries.

"I feel like these products should open the doors for the customer experience and to maximize opportunities for the budtenders,” notes Lam. “The Scenting Jar preserves the flower, which allows staff members to be able to fully engage with customers, connect and educate… rather than allocating their time trying to showcase empty packages or stack product on product within traditional glass cases. [Instead they can] showcase what all these beautiful products [are], from edibles to flower products, vapes, everything." 

Remedy Scenting Jar (C) Remedy Displays

Education plays a key role in Remedy Displays’ design. 

(C) Remedy Displays

What sets Remedy Displays apart is their focus on visual merchandising, specifically designed for cannabis products. Unlike traditional cases that provide a single purpose, the displays are designed to enhance the brand and product, guiding customers through a curated selection of products, making shopping more engaging and educational. 

“We want people to shop with ease, not be overwhelmed while discovering new products,

ultimately allowing employees to be able to guide customers through their product offerings,” Lam states. 

Lam and Nguyen believe that a well-designed display can enhance the perceived value of products and influence purchasing decisions. Their approach is about creating an experience, ensuring every product has its moment to shine. This approach not only enhances the customer experience but also helps customers make informed decisions. By combining their expertise in retail design and operational efficiency, they have created a range of displays that are not only visually appealing but also functional and cost-effective.

Cindy Lam and Scott Nguyen are pioneering the evolution of the cannabis industry through their innovations in visual merchandising. 

As the cannabis industry evolves, Nguyen and Lam remain committed to bridging the gap between innovative design and operational efficiency. Through Remedy Displays, they aim to elevate the cannabis shopping experience, making it on par with other retail sectors. Their journey exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in transforming industries and creating meaningful change. With Remedy Displays, new dispensaries can save money while providing a thoughtful and engaging shopping experience for their customers.

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