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In fact, they remind us this planet should be a free and balanced place for all life – “One Love,” as the Marley Family and renowned cannabis advocates taught us at Kaya Fest this April. We traveled to San Bernardino, California for the reggae festival of a lifetime, catching up with some of the country’s most notable hemp experts at the “Education Before Recreation” symposium prior to the musical performances.Filmmaker and actress Donisha Prendergast, the eldest of Bob Marley’s grandchildren, and Preston Whitfield, internationally-recognized hemp ambassador and technical advisor to the National Hemp Association, hosted the symposium.

Over the course of the day figures such as Lifetime TV’s Dr. Jenny Wilkins, M3 Biodynamics founder Kyle Kietrys, and the illustrious Rasta advocate Ras Iyah V took the stage to explain how cannabis is changing the world. The highlight was a panel with NoCo Hemp Expo founder Morris Beegle, Rick Trojan of the National Hemp Association Advisory Council and Hemp Road Trip, Dan Herer (son of the legendary Jack Herer) – and of course, author/organic cowboy Doug Fine.

Fine is the bestselling author of books including Hemp Bound, Too High to Fail, and Farewell My Subaru. He is one of the most publicly outspoken proponents of regenerative agriculture in the United States today. We caught up with Fine after his “Education Before Recreation” keynote. In this video, founder Ronit Pinto asks him about the relationship between regenerative agriculture and climate change, while managing editor Jaime Lubin leads him to elaborate more on the future of a biofuel-based economy.

(Thanks to David Kowalsky, Larry Reed, and Cannabis Network Media for editing and additional production effects!)#freespiritsaturdays–Learn about Doug Fine’s work by visiting or following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.See more from Fine and other hemp and regenerative agriculture experts in our upcoming print issue ONE!