With 2024 on the horizon, it’s important we look within and work on healing anything that could potentially hinder us from reaching our full potential as divine human beings.

Introducing the Reality Center, a state of the art sensory wellness center and digital psychedelic lab based in beautiful Santa Monica, California. Located a few minutes away from the ocean, the Reality Center combines ancient philosophies and modern science to address a wide array of mental, physical and emotional issues. Think of it as a “psychedelic-like” experience, but without the use of drugs.

What Is The Reality Center? Sensory Wellness And Digital Psychedelic Experiences

Their mission? “To provide technology that facilitates positive change for humanity. Our vision is for everyone in the world to have access to tools which improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellness.”

Through pulsing light, therapeutic sound, and restorative vibration, guests are welcomed with a truly immersive, one-of-a-kind experience that will undoubtedly elevate your mood. The idea is to provide a healing tool based on a theory called Sensory Resonance, which Reality Center co-founder Don Estes published back in 1990. For every outer sensory mechanism, there is an inner one. Our inner senses are active while we’re sleeping, dreaming, meditating, contemplating or performing any activities that integrate the mind, body, and spirit. This “expanded” state creates brain hemisphere synchronization and quickly resets the nervous system.

What Are "Digital Psychedelic" Sessions Like At The Reality Center?

President and co-founder Tarun Raj states, “Our goal is to allow people to connect to themselves in a deeper way. This can mimic a very deep state of meditation, or something similar to a psychedelic experience. People usually feel a sense of connection to a greater good and a deeper connection with themselves. If you can walk away and know that you are the medicine, that everything you need is inside of you, then we've done our jobs.”

The actual session lasts either 30 or 60 minutes, with guests lying on what’s called a “wavetable.” Raj explains, “It's our liquid vibration system, so it turns your body into a speaker by harmonizing with the fluid in your tissue. That synchronizes with light and sound, where our neuro DJs guide the experience and personalize the music, the frequencies and the journey to each individual.”

How Does The Reality Center Create Its Sensory Wellness Experiences?

Inside, the Reality Center seems like an upscale wellness playground, but what people don’t see is the behind-the-scenes: an advanced neuroscience and biofeedback treatment facility. They use proprietary frequency technologies to activate the same parts of the brain that get stimulated by deep meditation and psychedelic therapies. With the addition of positive talk therapy and guided mindfulness, each guest leaves with a renewed sense of purpose, feelings of interconnectedness, and elevated well-being.

Raj states, “We call it inner-tainment, going inward. We want it to be something fun and engaging, which doesn't take a lot of work and practice. Even somebody who's had a hard time meditating, this is something we’ve found that people of all generations [can do]. I've had kids as young as seven years old, old as 97. The oldest World War II vet in the West Coast came in here with his oxygen and his walker. He hopped off like, ‘That was the most profound experience of my life!’ Which is saying a lot, from someone who survived World War II.”

Everything inside the Reality Center is designed to engage, entertain, and draw people in, making them feel calm and safe. It allows them to open up and surrender a little bit deeper each time. When you’re done, you have the beautiful opportunity to reflect on your experience at the beach, conveniently located a few blocks away.

For more about the Reality Center, visit realitymgmt.com.


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