Harnessing the drive and motivation to achieve dreams - sticking to a goal, unwavering despite the challenges that one may come across - is nothing short of spectacular. Success stories never happen overnight, as the saying goes. But that tends to be forgotten when incredible tales come to light.

It is easy to envy success but difficult to follow through with the hard work and dedication needed to reach the same level. Nothing worthwhile comes easily, but nothing is impossible where purpose intersects with dreams.

The Art of Racquel Jones

For Racquel Jones, her rise within the music industry has not been left to chance. A lifelong creative, she set her sights on the art world, sharing her thoughts and feelings through songs and paintings.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Racquel’s multidimensional approach to art sets her apart from the rest. Continuously working on her array of talents, she makes statements wherever she goes.

Racquel Jones Merges Art and Music Through ignoRANT: A Visual Exploration

Hoping to engage as many people as possible through her work and spark conversations of change, her next project is set to be her biggest one yet. She’ll put her talents in the spotlight with a two-day event consisting of a free fine art exhibition on May 20th, followed by a ticketed performance on May 21st. Meshing art and music – inspired by her debut album ignoRANT, her paintings will be an extension of each one of her songs, helping the audience grasp their full meaning.

“That's me, and I’m baring my soul for the world to see and hear,” explains Racquel.

Some of the paintings feature bold female figures mostly situated within a mysterious landscape that recalls the subject’s state of mind, current and/or a past lifetime.

“The project addresses stereotypes commonly faced by marginalized and oppressed people. Sonically, I wanted a sound that colored outside the lines of restrictions and what is considered normal and trendy, only adhering and obedient to whatever is felt,” she adds.

Click here to check out Racquel Jones and her work. The two-day exhibit kicks off Friday, May 20, 2022. Buy tickets to the second part of her ignoRANT: A Visual Exploration event (Saturday, May 21, 2022) now through Eventbrite!

For those in the media who wish to RSVP to the guest list, please email ​​artavia@marshallandjonescreative.com with the name, company name, email, and the name(s) of each guest attending.

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