Puffco continues to prove why they’re the leading brand for dabbers worldwide. And with their vast catalogue of high quality devices, they continue to break down boundaries within the cannabis industry.

What Are Puffco's Flourish Peak Pro And Proxy Devices?

Most recently, Puffco unveiled their newest device called The Flourish Peak Pro and Proxy, both available in the green limited edition color. As stated on their website: “It all starts with a seed. Growth is good.”

Puffco Launches Flourish Devices At Nonhuman Teachers' Cactus Store Studio In Los Angeles

On Thursday, February 29th, Puffco hosted an exclusive, invite-only event in celebration of the launch of these exciting new devices, partnering with Nonhuman Teachers, a nonprofit that uses ecological storytelling to deepen the relationship between humans and nature. Taking place at Nonhuman Teachers’ Cactus Store Studio in Los Angeles, the intimate evening brought to life the essence of their new Flourish colorway: offering power and performance to take with you for home or outdoors.

Upon walking inside, you’re immediately engulfed into a room full of plants, bringing to life the undeniable feelings you get when you’re surrounded by nature. Puffco’s devices were strategically placed throughout the gallery space, such as the Branham cactus which is what inspired the Flourish Peak Pro. 

In order to walk to the rear of the venue, you embarked on the pathway through this private collection of plants, an installation that was intentionally created with love, tender, and care. Upon reaching the back, you were welcomed with a dab bar, delicious cookies, lemonade and water, and even a gift bag of the new devices to take home.

What Is The Nonhuman Teachers Team Saying About Collaborating With Puffco?

Carlos Morera, Secretary of the Nonhuman Teachers Board of Directors, states, “Collaborating with Puffco has been amazing. They've been long-time friends of ours. Their mission reflects our mission, getting people closer to non-human intelligence. And we do it through the same medium: them through plants and us through plants.”

The beautiful part of walking through the space was finding out that a lot of the plants were metabolizing in real time, taking in oxygen and also expelling oxygen. For this specific genre of plants, the nighttime is when they are able to metabolize and breathe. This partnership couldn’t align better, with both parties focused on respecting the plant and what it can give to us.

Shout out to Puffco for hosting yet another amazing event for the books.

For more about Puffco and upcoming events, visit puffco.com. To learn more about Nonhuman Teachers, visit nonhumanteachers.org.


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