Sharp Edges
By Moxie McMurder

If everyone’s an enemy
What do you have left?

You created a storm
Then cried in the rain
You break and burn
You brought chaos and pain
You took such delight
In burning those bridges
Till all that was left
Were ashes and sharp edges

Edges that cut
Edges that bruise
Sharp and dangerous
To those around you
Left bleeding
Left for dead
Now an enemy, once a friend

Authenticity, a concept
An imposter, a fraud
Insecurity and jealousy
Peek through the cracks
So flawed

If only you realised
Just what you had
You wouldn’t have thrown it away
For the sake of your pride
Those you aligned with
Have let you down now
Getting only as close
As sharp edges allow

If everyone is an enemy
What do you have left?
A bloodied trail left in your wake
Those sharp edges can attest


Special thank you to Tracy S. Sydor for allowing me to use one of her photographs for this piece.