Is there a better pairing than cannabis and food?

Introducing SnackTime, a creative studio and brand incubator telling stories at the intersection of food, science, art and community. On a beautiful Sunday in December, leading global cannabis brand PAX partnered with SnackTime to host an unforgettable event at De La Nonna, a restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Arts District.

PAX Live Rosin Gummies were on view at (Y)OUR STORY (C) PAX

What Did Guests Experience At PAX And SnackTime's (Y)OUR STORY Event?

Immediately upon entering, guests were blown away by the endless activations, delicious spread of pizza, and the camaraderie of everyone enjoying one another’s company. SnackTime’s whole mission is to invite you to slow down and savor all the good things life has to offer, via education and artful experiences.

The PAX table was hard to miss, featuring their new line of Live Rosin Gummies and offering non-medicated samples of Heirloom Peach, Wild Strawberry, and Summer Mango. In fact, all the dessert options present were inspired directly by these three flavors!

A pizza spread at (Y)OUR STORY (C) Shirley Ju @shirju

What Is The PAX Team Saying About Collaborating With SnackTime?

PAX’s Senior Director of Brand Marketing Lauren Livengood states, “The intention of SnackTime is really to bring together food, science, wellness and community. PAX is similar to food in that way. It’s the intersection of all of those things crossing. People look at food medicinally, or to indulge or have a good time, or provide connection with family. Honestly, cannabis does all those things as well.

Let’s be real, there's nothing better to have with cannabis than snacks. Also on site were numerous activities such as a Pickling Station, a Love Letters table where they actually mailed out attendees’ letters, an open bar, treats from Skinny Dipped, and more. Event partners included Company X Marketing, Curious Elixirs, Coffee Bae, Anytime Spritz, Wonderwerk LA, Package Free, Happy Pop, Tasty Leafy, Graza, Peroni, and Skinny Dipped. The DJ lineup featured Deja Monet, Min, and Jacqui Mateo.

SnackTime founders Marley Frank (left) and Anisha Sisodia (right) at (Y)OUR STORY (C) Mikey Avila @mikeyavila

SnackTime Founders Anisha Sisodia And Marley Frank Talk PAX, Zine Storytelling, And (Y)OUR STORY

Honeysuckle spoke with the founders of SnackTime, Anisha Sisodia and Marley Frank.

SHIRLEY JU: What does it mean for SnackTime to partner with PAX?

MARLEY FRANK: We’re really excited partnering with PAX because PAX touches on and has a relationship with those four pillars: food, science, art and community. One of the things that we‘re excited to feature with PAX was their science. That's not necessarily the forefront in terms of their brand communication, but it's something that we were excited to elaborate and bring to our community. In our zine, we're featuring something about their entourage effect study, which is showing the effect of the full compound of the plant, versus other companies [who] just take certain parts of the strain. And they're great people. They make innovative products for all different kinds of people. That community inclusivity is really important for us as well.

ANISHA SISODIA: So much about this first event as it being the launch of our company and the launch of our event, we thought what better way to start talking about what your story is, [than] including our story as well. Definitely wanted to highlight who we are, how this all came to be, but also highlight the story of some of our partners and sponsors. Which has been so fun, because we've been able to partner with some really incredible people who we feel very aligned with their mission, the work that they do. It's been really beautiful to bring that all into one space. Hopefully, that brings a lot of conversation and connection.

So you guys are a magazine as well?

MARLEY: Yes. Essentially, the business model of our company is we are a creative studio. I have a background in neuroscience and performing arts; she has a background in directing and photography. With those two skillsets combined, we’re a full structural in-house creative agency. For our SnackTime brand, we do events like this. For us in our community, product launches and assets, things like that. We also do that in partnership with other companies. This is a SnackTime event, but we are partnering with other brands or companies to do events like this. Help them tell their story in a way that promotes food, science, art, and community.

ANISHA: So much with the zine, we wanted to have something that people can take home with them. Which includes some photoshoots I've done for all of the partners, interviews once again to tell their stories. Then of course, images from the gallery that I captured specifically for the event as well.

MARLEY: We have creative prompts in there. One of the big missions of SnackTime is to help people to slow down and to savor all the good things that life has to offer. Even when it's hard, especially that — is our tagline. That magazine: when's the last time we sat down, flipped through a magazine? There’s journal prompts in there, there's science education, there’s art. All different kinds of things. It’s a little nice takeaway for them.

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