With new brands emerging everyday in the cannabis industry, it’s important we recognize and honor the ones that have cemented their name as a mainstay within the culture. And when it comes to vapes, PAX has long proved why they’re a leading cannabis brand in the space.

PAX Live Rosin Gummies in Heirloom Peach, Summer Mango, and Wild Strawberry (C) PAX

PAX Unveils Live Rosin Gummies In Three Flavors

Now, PAX is excited as ever to be launching their newest product: Live Rosin Gummies. Now available in California, these gummies are all natural, fast acting, and give you a full-spectrum experience that blends the best fruit with the best flower. Not only are they vegan and gluten-free, but they contain no solvents or artificial flavors.

Current flavors available include Summer Mango (Mango and Lime), Heirloom Peach (Peach, Guava), and Wild Strawberry (Strawberry and Lemon). 

PAX Live Rosin Gummies Heirloom Peach (C) PAX

PAX Vice President Of Product Development Brian Witlin Talks Live Rosin Gummies Launch And State Of The Cannabis Industry

Honeysuckle spoke with Brian Witlin, PAX’s Vice President of Product Development, about this exciting new launch.

SHIRLEY JU: What are you most excited for with the launch of PAX’s Live Rosin Gummies?

BRIAN WITLIN: We are super excited to meet consumer demand.  The launch of our Live Rosin Era pods has been a big hit in multiple markets. We quickly saw an opportunity to bring this extraction method to a super high quality gummy and are enthusiastic about the results.  

What was the process in creating these gummies?

This had to be one of the most fun projects we’ve ever worked on at PAX. We had the opportunity to work with a renowned team of culinary experts, chefs, food scientists, cannabis formulators, and cannabis production team members to create what we feel is the best cannabis gummy on the market. We benchmarked off of the best non-cannabis gummies out there, from luxury candy to mainstream, and developed the overall experience we wanted from the texture.  We then worked with our culinary team to explore dozens of flavor concepts. Our goal was to create the perfect balance of fruit and cannabis flavor, while having the most delicious and juicy flavor.  In combination with our Live Rosin, this treat really stands out…and we took that metaphor all the way to our packaging.  

PAX has such a strong brand presence in the cannabis industry; how will these gummies live up to par?

While we referenced other gummies in the market, we truly wanted to transcend the quality of what was already on the shelves. We feel we’ve done this both with the quality of our cannabis inputs being live rosin, and with the formulation - including using all-natural fruit ingredients and creating a product that’s both vegan and gluten-free.  We knew it was a high bar, as we’re known more regularly in the vapor category, and truly put the research and development in here to transcend that.  

PAX Live Rosin Gummies Summer Mango (C) PAX

What’s the definition of "Live Rosin" in this case?

For these gummies specifically, we used full-spectrum live rosin: a pure and potent cannabis extract brimming with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable plant constituents. Live Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made without the use of solvents, so we kept that true across the board for these gummies, they were made without the use of any solvents, artificial additives, or synthetic dyes. The use of Live Rosin in these gummies creates a harmonious entourage effect that amplifies the therapeutic potential of the plant.

What flavors of Live Rosin Gummies are available and are they made to pair with the PAX vapes?

The flavors available include Heirloom Peach, Summer Mango, and Wild Strawberry. Each of these were hand selected out of dozens of flavors and flavor combinations we tried. Our goal was to make something that truly stands out, but remains familiar to people. While they are much more fruit-forward than our vapor line, we do think they dovetail nicely with the entirety of our Fresh Pressed Live Rosin line.  

Where do you see the current state of the cannabis industry?

In addition to the potential for upcoming rescheduling within the Controlled Substances Act, consumers are beginning to better understand the benefits of cannabis. I see a greater emphasis on processing methodologies to maintain the entourage effect, greater investment in research for effects-based formulations to help in areas like sleep, and even greater adoption of older generations as this all materializes. This shift is not just about business; it's about unlocking the full potential of a regulated cannabis market to benefit both entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. We see our Live Rosin Gummies as an example of this shift, bringing one of the purest forms of cannabis oil to the gummy format. 

PAX Live Rosin Gummies are now available wherever PAX products are sold. To learn more about PAX, visit pax.com.


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