As 2019 begins to wind down, it’s time to pause and reflect. Is your life balanced? Or have you been taking on too many things? As you contemplate all the to-dos on your November list, do you see an overload of obligations? While there is nothing wrong with being busy, sometimes we need to find a middle ground. Otherwise, we risk missing out on so many important moments.

Perhaps you need to say no. Maybe it’s time to dial back on the holidays. Find where you’re overdoing, over-committed, and over-delivering – and then begin shifting gears from overdrive to slow-mo. This will help you to find your center. Temperance favors a moderate approach to all things. November is your month to restore yourself by letting go of all the things that are cluttering up your life.

This also extends to your habits. Sure, there’s still a bucket of leftover Halloween candy, and soon Thanksgiving will be here. But do you need to eat until you’re stuffed like that turkey? Does it make sense to mindlessly eat all those treats laying around the house? Start examining how you’re treating your body – and begin making an effort to find balance. This will help you cruise through the holiday season in a mindful, moderate way.

Lastly, seek peace this month. There is a lot happening in the world right now, and people’s feathers are getting ruffled. Instead of adding to the noise, look for quiet moments. Maybe even agree to keep the peace at the holiday dinner table. A bit of diplomacy and tact will ensure that your November is calm and kind.

Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book, an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck. Learn more about her at thetarotlady.com.

Illustration: “Temperance” from the from the Albano Waite Tarot deck.