Have you seen our new Honey Pot issue that debuted this 420? For all of you canna and underground connoisseurs, this issue explores gender, sexuality and non-binary identity within the cannabis industry.  As well as innovators, influencers, scientists and the women in the industry you love to love.

We dive deep with our covergirl Laganja Estranja on being non-binary within the cannabiz. The RuPaul Drag Race alumn was featured in New York Magazine’s The Most Powerful Drag Queens in America. We got to spend the day with Laganja on 4/20/20 on our Instagram live!

We speak with Rick Lake, in an experience our writer Nadya Rousseau refers to as ‘unforgettable.’  The two spoke about Ricki’s documentary “Weed The People,” and her relationship with the plant. 

Jet Setting Jasmine shares her similarities as a sex worker with those in the canna-biz. Unable to apply for or receive any government funding during COVID_19 due to government restrictions. She also discusses her thoughts on motherhood and their family’s different approaches to the plant.

Writers Candice Lola and Nikki Frias take us down a trail of Black Pioneers.   Ensuring the stories from their communities are not forgotten nor the injustices that continue to be served. Their stories among the most impactful.   

 As always, the issue will be available on our apps itunesgoogle playzinio, amazon and Apple News!