Making music can be a daunting hobby. Learning an instrument can take years of practice, and the theory that goes into writing songs is enough to make even an expert’s head spin.

Almost anybody who devotes their free time to consuming art has probably considered producing it at some point, but the complexities of it all can be a disheartening turnoff although they don’t have to be.

Free tutorials for most  instruments  exist all over YouTube, and affordable starter packs of instruments and the necessary peripheral equipment can be found at nearly any music store. However,  one company is going above and beyond in the name of making music creation accessible to all.

Moog Music Announces the Moog Sound Studio

Moog Music has announced the release of Moog Sound Studio, an easily accessible, all-in-one music-making experience with all the necessities for creating electronic music.

The Moog Sound Studio includes equipment, cables, accessories, and educational resources to open the world of analog synthesis like never before. Meant for beginners and veterans alike, Moog Sound Studio is a unique in-depth journey that can fulfill the music-making fantasies of bright-eyed dreamers everywhere.

The history of Moog Music dates to 1964, when analog synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog and composer Herb Deutsch teamed up to create the first ever Moog Modular synthesizer. Moog Music went on to become the leader of the theremin  and analog synthesizer production.  The teamwork that birthed  the venture instilled a love of collaboration in the heart of Moog Music. Almost 60 years later, the new Moog Sound Studio is being promoted by collaboration.

“Explorations in Analog Synthesis:” a Moog Sound Studio EP

Using personalized Moog Sound Studio setups, seven artists have teamed up to create “Explorations in Analog Synthesis,” a new EP of sweeping electronic music compositions featuring Bonobo, Julianna Barwick, Dan Deacon, Ela Minus, Madame Gandhi, Peter Cottontale, and Martial Canterel.

The sonically diverse EP is a perfect showcase of the Moog Sound Studio’s potential, offering different instrument combinations to pair with the device’s bass, synth, and percussive patterns all at the fingertips of the user. No matter what your signature sound, it can be channeled into your customized Moog Sound Studio.

Combining the sounds of two or more Moog Sound Studio setups with different configurations together is like completing an auditory puzzle, opening worlds of musical possibilities and further promoting the Moog Music spirit of collaboration.

The Creative Spirit of Moog Music

In the quest to make music creation a multi-sensory experience, Moog Music has made the Sound Studios physically interactive as well. Featuring custom artwork like characters and posters, each individual Moog Sound Studio setup is tailor made to be an artistically inspiring experience that never gets old.

The new Moog Sound Studios embody the core of the Moog Music Company and its goal to make the dizzying process of learning about and making music simpler and more enjoyable. Whether it’s listening to the seven song EP created exclusively with Sound Studios or buying one right away to start  creating, thanks to Moog Music, being creative has never been easier and more satisfying.