Vacationland, also known as the Pine Tree state, is the easternmost state in the New England region of the United States. Maine borders New Hampshire to the west, Quebec and New Brunswick Canada to the north, and 3,500 miles of coastline to the east. Maine is surrounded by lakes, rivers, and wetlands, is home to 65 lighthouses, and is one of the only states that moose call home.

Maine is known as a summer playground and got its nickname due to the late nineteenth build up of resort hotels along the coastline and lakes. Maine is the first state to see the sun come up in the United States, and it’s spectacular.

Those who like to see multiple places in one trip will love Maine. Within 2 hours of Maine by car and perfect for day trips are Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH.

Portland, Maine is a cruise port, so cruise lovers will love the state as well.

Those who love nature and space will find peace in Vacationland. In Maine, there’s more space and fewer crowds, more nature and fewer highways, more small businesses and less corporate.

But for me, it’s the cannabis! Maine’s cannabis industry is like no other. Visiting here may trigger a plan to relocate and launch a cannabis business!

There are Many Ways to Shop for Cannabis in Maine and Become a Part of the Industry; Medical, Caregiver, and Adult Use

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Visit Maine as a Medical Cannabis Patient of One of the States Below and Shop Their Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Maine has one of the oldest medical cannabis programs in the country, which started in 1999. Medical patients from the following states can purchase medical cannabis in Maine without getting an in-state registration; their resident state medical cannabis card works in Maine:

















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Dakota



Rhode Island





Washington, DC.

Being a Cannabis Caregiver in Maine Can Mean Both Cultivation and/or Non-Cultivation

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Maine also has a unique, and very strong caregiver program and community. A little insight into Maine's caregiver program:

  • Caregivers don’t have to be Maine residents but must own property in Maine.
  • They can open 1 medical cannabis store if their town allows those activities.
  • You can be a non-cultivating caregiver which allows the caregiver to buy products at wholesale and resell to patients.
  • There are no mandatory product testing requirements.

Maine Voters Said Yes to Legalization of Adult Use Cannabis in 2016…But the Journey to Sales Was a Long One

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A little insight into Maine's journey to adult use legalization:

  • In 2016, Maine voters said yes to adult use legalization, then everything stalled for years.
  • 3 years after the legalization vote, Maine tried again to enact cannabis rules; still some delay.
  • Applications start coming in; on the 1st day of applications, Maine received 40.
  • In May 2020, there were still zero retailers.
  • September 2020, Maine awards the 1st recreational cannabis license.
  • October 2020, Maine recreational sales started.

What’s Next For Cannabis Tourism in Maine?

Photo Credit: The Courier-Gazette

Visit Maine! Vacationland is magical and can even become home for those that seek less noise and more space. Launching a cannabis business here appears more reasonable than other markets too. Maine, low key but very high key. I can’t wait to go back!


Veronica Castillo is the Traveling Cannabis Writer from Miami, with a pre-cannabis and psychedelics background in insurance and human resources. Currently, she is a resident of the road covering cannabis, psychedelics, and plant-based lifestyles all over the U.S and soon abroad. Follow her journey on IG at @vee_travelingvegcannawriter and LinkedIn:


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