$511 billion dollars! That is how much the global beauty industry is worth today.

As one of the biggest businesses in the world, its value, although impressive, comes as no surprise — the ever-growing demand for cosmetic and personal care goods will always be high. In fact, in the US alone, women, on average, spend up to $3,756 on beauty products each year.

However, there’s a growing focus on cleaner, greener beauty catching the attention of a new generation of beauty consumers.  The demand, fueled by a younger generation who isn’t afraid to question the current standards, projects to reach a growth of $21.4 billion by 2027.

LBJ Cosmetics founder Johnathan F. Singer (C) LBJ Cosmetics

The Rise of Vegan Beauty

Beyond the idea of simply serving a growing niche, both brands and beauty enthusiasts are paving the way for the concept of vegan beauty to establish its foothold in the mainstream. This has allowed conscientious brands, such as Laid By Jojo Cosmetics (LBJ Cosmetics), a rising vegan beauty line, to provide alternatives that serve this need and operate with more transparency. Driven by individuals who are more conscious about what goes on their skin and are more aware of how their choices impact the environment, these brands can put the spotlight on ethical consumerism and make a real impact.

(C) LBJ Cosmetics

What is LBJ Cosmetics?

While many businesses are now quick to pledge their allegiance to all things vegan and green, LBJ Cosmetics stands out by virtue of the founder’s vision--that change has to come from a shift in mentality. For LBJ Cosmetics founder Johnathan F. Singer, a Philosophy major and Fine Arts minor at Los Angeles City College, it's implementing his 10,000+hrs. This means combining years of experience as a licensed nail specialist and incorporating the values of sustainable beauty into his business. The result is a vegan line of luxury cosmetics anchored on four decades of on-ground industry experience, with products made from responsibly-sourced, all-natural ingredients.

“We deliver our customers with top-quality vegan and clean beauty products that are made in the USA,” said founder Johnathan.

Singer, who built the brand alongside his zealous attorney husband, Bradley A. Singer, Esq., believes that beauty should never come at the expense of one’s well-being; nor should it put the environment at risk. To that end, they made sure that LBJ Cosmetics is synonymous with clean and safe products that won’t leave users second-guessing their provenance.

(C) LBJ Cosmetics

LBJ Cosmetics' Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products

Everything from their breathable and cruelty-free nail polishes to the brand’s lip glosses are made with thoughtful attention to better practices and are guaranteed vegan. It’s the reason why LBJ Cosmetics continues to stay ahead of the curve despite the proliferation of green beauty brands today.

Check out their full range of products by visiting lbjcosmetics.com or following @lbjcosmetics1 on Instagram.


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