Kota Botanics™ focuses on providing holistic health solutions with organic, natural, and plant-based ingredients. The brand was launched in 2019 by Weiwei “Vivian” Fellman in Fargo, North Dakota, after the traumatic birth of her second son, Patrick, who was born with a heart defect.  

“I just had a C-section, but I was so anxious to be with him because the doctors told us that he might be rushed into open heart surgery,” says Vivian. “While in Minneapolis, I developed panic attack syndrome. My hands were shaking, I was short of breath, and I almost passed out on numerous occasions.”

Kota Botanics™ founder Weiwei "Vivian" Fellman (C) Kota Botanics™

Who Is Kota Botanics™ Founder Weiwei "Vivian" Fellman?

The Minneapolis NICU was a long way from Vivian’s roots in China.  Her life changed in 2004 when she met her future husband, an American studying Mandarin, in Beijing.   After becoming engaged in 2008 and being granted a visa approval in 2009, reality soon set in that she would have to forge a new way of life with him in Fargo.

Vivian soon found work in marketing and account management. Still, the daily stress of work, raising a young family, and navigating life in a new country and culture continued to affect her everyday life. Inspired by her heritage and the memory of her mother, whom she recently lost, Vivian began to explore alternative medicines to address her anxiety. “My path to wellness and health became evident as I started using CBD, and that is when I knew what I had to do,” says Vivian.

The Kota Botanics™ store in Fargo, ND (C) Kota Botanics™

Kota Botanics™: Hemp CBD And Plant-Based Wellness

Vivian soon turned her pain into power and, in 2019, achieved her dream of entrepreneurship by opening her first Kota Botanics™ store in Fargo, ND. Today, the CBD and wellness store is thriving as she prepared for the launch of her second shop in Minneapolis in November of 2022.

“We wanted to give back to the community and the city that helped us get through the hard times with our newborn, Patrick. The hospital, the doctors, the nurses, and everyone who was involved. We are excited about our new venture, expanding our brand, and about the new friends that we will make,” says Vivian.

Kota Botanics™ CBD products are formulated with kosher-certified full spectrum CBD distillate (less than 0.3% THC) and potent functional, anti-inflammatory, plant-based ingredients such as curcumin, ginger essential oils, eucalyptus, arnica flower extracts and more. Kota’s certified organic hemp is sun-grown at a family hemp farm in upstate New York. They can trace their hemp sources back to the seeds.

“By completely changing my career path and devoting my life to CBD, I am now able to stay focused and help other people find balance. In Japanese, the name Kota means happiness and longevity. Emotional stability was an essential part of my healing process, and I now feel calm and able to manage my stress and emotions in a positive way. My resilience and the ability to cope with daily life are why I started Kota. It is the heart of my product line and works for me daily,” says Vivian.

Kota Botanics™ Dream CBD Gummies (C) Kota Botanics™

What Are The Kota Botanics™ Signature CBD Formulas?

Kota Botanics™ Balance

Kota’s diverse tinctures feature three unique formulas. The first, Balance, was formulated with 600 mg of organic full spectrum hemp CBD extract and natural herbs. It helps to regulate mental and physical systems. It provides homeostasis to our minds and body on a daily basis. The formula includes Ashwagandha, a popular Indian herb known as Indian ginseng. It fights chronic stress and fatigue while improving focus and clarity.

“Our Balance tincture is also infused with Monk Fruit, a native fruit used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties,” explains Vivian.

Kota Botanics™ Relax

The second tincture that Kota offers that focuses on addressing sleep and anxiety and achieving stability is Relax, which has a higher concentration of CBD (800mg) than the Balance tincture. The full spectrum CBD extract combined with powerful terpenes (Linalool) and organic herbs will relax your body and mind to restore balance.

Kota Botanics™ Relieve CBD Oil (C) Kota Botanics™

Kota Botanics™ Relieve

The third formula, Relieve, is the most powerful in the Kota line. Formulated with 1,000 organic full spectrum hemp CBD extract and powerful anti-inflammatory herbs, the Relieve elixir supports everyday recovery, discomfort, and tranquility. It will help adjust your optimism and self-esteem, ensuring positivity about your life and future.  Kota Botanics ™ Relieve CBD oil is the most popular CBD oil for people to use during the winter if they want something to soothe their bodies. It's formulated with 1000 mg full spectrum hemp CBD (less than 0.3% THC), curcumin, and ginger essential oil. It is pure, natural, and high performing.

Kota Botanics™ Revive CBD Pain Stick (C) Kota Botanics™

Kota Botanics™ Revive CBD Pain Stick

In addition, the Kota Botanics™ Revive CBD Pain Stick is one of Kota’s most popular items. It's a topical pain stick with 750mg full-spectrum CBD (less than 0.3% THC), arnica flower extract, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. These herbs are known for their amazing anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, Kota’s innovative stick contains organic coconut oil, cacao butter, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, and organic beeswax. These ingredients are excellent for moisturizing and hydrating while providing soothing comfort.

Giving Back With Kota Botanics™: Ronald McDonald House Charities And No Kid Hungry

While growing the Kota brand, Vivian is also dedicated to working within her community and giving back with a focus on women and children. “When we were in the NICU in the hospital in Minneapolis in 2016, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) offered us free meals, clean beds, and warm showers. That was tremendously helpful for my husband and me while we simultaneously tried to care for our newborn and toddler. It's such a wonderful organization that provides care and comfort for many families going through a tough time. So, we decided that whatever we could do to give back to Ronald McDonald House, we would support them by donating money and our time for the rest of our lives,” says Vivian.

She has also worked with the charity, No Kid Hungry and has donated a meal for every Kota Botanics™ CBD product sold. To date, she has donated over 1,572 meals.

Vivian has taken a traumatic experience and turned it into a success story. From Beijing to Fargo,  Vivian’s immigrant to entrepreneur experience is transforming the CBD industry through the power of the Kota Botanics™ brand.

For more about Kota Botanics™, visit kotabotanics.com.

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