As a cannabis consumer, it’s great to be able to smoke all different kinds of flower from all the different brands in the industry. But have you ever considered growing your OWN plant?

Anthony, creator of HereHeGrows (left), teaches Koala Puffs (right) the fundamentals of growing cannabis (C) Koala Puffs / Koality

Koala Puffs, I Love Growing Marijuana, And HereHeGrows Teach "Learning How To Grow" Class

For those who were in Los Angeles on Cinco De Mayo, this was the perfect opportunity for a crash course on growing your own weed plant. And remember, it all begins with the seed.

On Sunday, May 5th, cannabis influencer Koala Puffs teamed up with California-based seed bank I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) to offer a Learning How to Grow Class. Taking place at Koala’s own business space and venue in Northridge, California, the class was led by Anthony, better known by his handle @HereHeGrows, an expert grower who not only taught the class how to start the process, but also showed them tips and tricks to ensure success while doing it.

Koala Puffs and HereHeGrows greet attendees at the Learning How To Grow class (C) Koala Puffs / Koality
HereHeGrows conducts the class (C) Koala Puffs / Koality

Koala Puffs Talks Learning To Grow Cannabis

The best part is, Koala herself was attending the class, learning how to grow to not repeat the same mistakes she made last time in attempting.

Koala states, “That's what's amazing about this: I'm about to learn how to grow. I'm gonna be sharing my learning journey. I killed one plant so far; that's one too many dead. I'm not really willing to go into another plant that I’m for sure gonna kill also. Instead of me hitting up Anthony and being like, ‘Can you just come to my house and teach me?’ I bet I'm not the only one that doesn't know.”

She continues, “I'm nervous to publicly ask questions, because I know people are gonna say “Oh, you smoke weed and you don't know how to grow?’ It makes you afraid to ask questions, so I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels hesitant about publicly saying, ‘Can someone teach me?’ Because I don't know how. You're made to feel like you should already know how, because you're enjoying the plant. Instead of hiding and making this content and it looks like I know how, I don't know how, and we're all going to learn together. Hopefully, more plants survive.”

At 2pm, eager students were lined up at the door. The event offered free food courtesy of Chronic Tacos, as well as a glass bong handpicked by Koala herself. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, everyone started with the seed, soil, and red cup.

(C) Koala Puffs / Koality

I Love Growing Marijuana CEO Ernst Rustenhoven On Supplying High-Quality Cannabis

Ernst Rustenhoven, CEO of ILGM, speaks on I Love Growing Marijuana’s mission: “We are a seed bank; we supply high quality seeds to home growers across the US. What we're really trying to focus on is being there throughout the homegrown journey, and assisting our customers and our community in growing the best marijuana plants. And having joy and fun doing that.” 

He adds, “Events like this are very important because in a space like this, you learn to grow. We’re all about enabling first time growers to go on a grow journey, without having to go to dispensaries alone. Just being able to grow back on your own. It's amazing to see that there's so much enthusiasm about getting started for homegrown, so I'm super excited to be here today.”

While both Rustenhoven and Koala just met for the first time at this event, both were super excited to partner on this amazing experience for the community.

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