Five of Cups

A partial loss is possible. While this may feel disappointing, do not waste too much time focusing on what has been lost. Instead, you must look around at what’s still standing and put your energy into building something completely new. The temptation to hang out in the past will be great, but once you make up your mind to put the water under the bridge, you may be surprised to see what is still possible. Life doesn’t always hand us the results that we want, but if we can learn from the losses, we can build better things.This month may also be righteous for forgiveness work. If someone wronged you, look at what you can do to make amends and forgive that person. If you are the one who hurt someone else, do not waste time in making it right. The longer you allow a hurt to remain, the harder it is to get past it. Let this month be the one where you clear up the old misunderstandings and misdeeds. Let go of the old, heal the pain, and soon enough you’ll see that there is a fresh start ready to happen. Change, even painful change, can be good.Lastly, the Five of Cups holds an element of grieving. Is there some grief work that you need to do? Have you experienced a personal loss and not yet properly grieved it? If so, dig deep. Grief is a great teacher and should not be ignored, even though it may feel uncomfortable. Do not be afraid to go there. There are seeds of wisdom in grief. Lean into it and see what you learn about yourself.–

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Illustration: “Five of Cups,” from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore. Find more information here.

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