The Lovers Reversed: Although the weather is warm and more people are vaccinated, there is still a little more separation than we’d like. Rules are in place but the urge to merge and mingle may create problems. People may gather, which could keep the virus lingering on much longer than we’d like. Sure, it’s nice to get out and see your friends - but no matter how tempting it may be, you must still make good decisions. Your choices this month impact the collective. Stay safe.

In romance, disagreements are possible. There may be interference from others as well. Keeping it together requires patience and communication. But with Mercury retrograde, it’s too easy to misunderstand the other person - or to jump to a million conclusions. This reversal warns of treachery afoot. Is there a snake in your garden? If you sense someone has an ulterior motive, don’t ignore that red flag. Although June delivers plenty of drama, if you keep your eyes and ears open - and mind your words, you can develop better boundaries.

If you’re single, you may be trying to get your flirt on. Your tongue could get tied into a knot. Deep breaths, gather your courage, think before you speak (or text), and then make your move, player. Even if you strike out, it’s still fun to bat your lashes.