Seven Of Cups

This month has a dreamy, unfocused quality to it. It may be hard to make decisions, especially if the choices are too many - or not obvious. You'll need to find your footing, ground yourself, and get your head out of the clouds if you want to get anything done. At times, you may be indulging in fantasies or window shopping, which may take you away from what needs to be done. While there is nothing wrong with taking a mental break, try not to get lost along the way.

It's also possible you may be drawn to "get rich quick" schemes or other such things. No matter how tempting something like this may seem, it's best to step back and look for the facts. Do not get wrapped up in anything that seems to good to be true. Most likely, it is.


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Featured image: SEVEN OF CUPS (C) Salvador Dali, 1978. Background design by Megan Skinner.