Carrying stuff around shouldn’t be a chore, and sometimes it can be just that. You may not want to carry a handbag around, because then you’re always shuffling it between hands when you need to hold something else. 

Sure, you could throw a backpack on your back to fix the problem of slinging a bag on your arm all the time, but backpacks can be big and bulky. Is there a better solution for this unfortunate travel issue? What if there was something that had all the benefits of a backpack, but without the extra bulk and heaviness? 

Turns out, there is, and they’re quite popular with people all over the world (especially people who love going to the gym!), and it’s known by a few different names, like cinch bag, drawstring bag, or string backpack.

How Do They Work? 

They work very easily, even simpler than a normal backpack. Instead of unzipping your bag, loading your stuff up, and then zipping everything back up, you simply undo the strings, throw in whatever you want to take with you, and then cinch the strings right back up for a secure hold. 

Sounds easy, right? They’re even a lot smaller and lighter than backpacks, so you can comfortably take them with you wherever you go without having to worry about being too weighed down. 

Why Should You Choose a Drawstring Bag? 

There are several reasons why you should consider a drawstring bag of your own. While many people will give you their own reasons as to why they love their cinch bags so much, here are some of the things that stick out to most people who use them every day. 

·       They are light and easy to take anywhere

You won’t be able to stuff as many items into a drawstring bag like you could do with a larger backpack, but you will feel like you will be able to take it many more places. With as light as they can be, you may even forget you’re wearing one after awhile. 

·       They’re the perfect travel companion for gym rats

If you are someone who loves to stay in shape and visit the gym as often as possible, then you will absolutely be enamored with your drawstring bag. 

Thanks to how open they are (as opposed to the usual compartmentalization of normal backpacks), there is a lot more room to accommodate items like your favorite pair of gym shoes. There is even plenty of room for your workout clothes, some protein bars, and a few bottles of water. 

·       They are very easy to wash

If you get your string bag dirty or just think it needs a good wash, you will be happy to know it is very easy to do so. These types of bags are usually crafted from hardy fabrics known to be extremely easy to wash, like polyester. You can wash it in the sink at home, and it’ll be ready for you in no time, because they are quite quick to dry. 

·       They’re long lasting

While the lifespan of different cinch bags can vary based on the use-cases of their owners, they are generally very well-made and hold up for quite awhile as long as you take good care of them. Higher quality string bags will be even hardier others, and you can help extend its lifespan even more by being mindful of how many things you’re putting into it. Stuffing too many bulky items in your cinch bag could end up tearing the fabric after awhile. 

·       They are very versatile

String bags are extremely versatile. Not only are they very adept at holding just about any items you care to put in them, but they are also compact and light, which means it couldn’t be easier to take one almost anywhere you go. Whether you’re walking across town or taking a trip across the country, you can count on your bag to be there to reliably hold your things for you. 

·       They’re affordable

Cinch bags are quite affordable, making them an attractive option for almost anyone who is looking to find more efficient ways to carry their things around than relying on purses, backpacks, or other methods. 

Carrying Your Things in Style

Whether you just want something to throw your gym clothes in or an all-purpose bag that carries your essential items for you everywhere you go, you can depend on your string bag to get the job done. Take good care of it, and it will hopefully serve you for years to come.