By Cosima Balletti-Thomas and Lacey Jaye Yannelli

As the cannabis space evolves, it’s becoming clearer that women are leading the movement in myriad ways – whether as pioneering CEOs, innovative scientists, creative artists, mothers on a mission or all of the above and more. Whatever their passion, women in cannabis are embracing the plant in their public platforms to transform lifestyle branding as we know it. We suggest you hit that “Follow” button: Here are some of the most revolutionary voices taking art, advocacy, and health to new highs we can all enjoy.

Olivia Alexander – @thelivaealxander / @kushqueenco: Founder of luxury cannabis brand Kush Queen and owner of the virally-successful instagram page @buddfeed, Olivia Alexander stands on the other side of the brand-partnership where she creates and sells both THC and CBD products on a global scale. She helped to pioneer a more eclectic cannabis culture through what is now a multi-million dollar company. 


Grow Sisters – @grow.sisters: Second-generation legacy cannabis farmer Siobhan Danger Darwish lives in Humboldt County, California, growing her own plants and educating others about the process. In 2016 her land at Blessed Coast Farms received the first cannabis cultivation permit in the state, inspiring Siobhan to create Grow Sisters as a multimedia education platform that speaks to all women in the industry. Show me a cooler example of a female-owned business. We love Grow Sisters for embodying feminine creation and creativity through a popular YouTube channel (the current series is called “Know Your Farmer”), and three instagram pages @grow.sisters, @sister.grow.your.own, and @know.your.farmer that combine cannabis culture, production, and education.

The Cannabis Cutie – @thecannabiscutie: The Cannabis Cutie is a cannabis lifestyle and information page that combines cannabis with art and femininity. We love this page because it presents cannabis culture in a very spiritual and mystical light while also informing followers about cannabis science. 


Nikki Narvaez – @nikki.narvaez: Nikki Narvaez is an alt model who uses her natural beauty and alternative style to demolish misogyny and do her part for the feminist movement. Her Instagram is filled with sexy photos of Nikki smoking and dabbing in some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen. 


Lizzy Jeff – @lizzyjeff: Lizzy Jeff is a medicine woman dedicated to elevating consciousness through plant medicine, art and serenity. She is an advocate for higher vibrations, with the belief that cannabis and self love is the gateway to the universal healing and compassion we need on this planet. She provides safe spaces for women to truly embrace and express their sexuality and love of cannabis. Her events don’t exclude men, but attract the highest possible vibes and clientele. Feel free to ride the good vibes in comfort. 


RxMaryJade – @rxmaryjade: Based in New Jersey, RxMaryJade started out as a patient documenting her cannabis journey. She has since formed a brand with an amazing CBD salve, actively advocating and educating on how to work cannabis into your life, and offering classes that teach home infusion. Additionally Jade does community service, locally cleaning up parks and neighborhoods. Her brand is focused on patients first, with the primary ingredient in her Shamans Salve being love. Jade embodies what much of the New Jersey cannabis scene lacks, compassion and honesty.