By Tammy Wise

Our bodies are talking to us every minute. Between dodging pain and embracing empowerment, we feel many other critical expressions. When we listen to our body’s physical and emotional communications, we learn what we need for good health.

When the mind and body pay attention to each other we feel whole—we engage as seekers and protectors simultaneously––rather than ping-ponging between pursuing and shielding ourselves from life. To make paying attention to our mind-body connection a habit takes practice. But when practice is built into a practical application, it leads naturally to the gift of good habits.

Here are five good habits for good health:

Power Walks

So many of us sit much of our days. Use your time getting to work to counter that folded up impression and walk to work deliberately. Focus on a certain quality or body part. You are spending quality time with yourself before your attention gets distracted into your workload.

Perfect Posture

Now when we get to our computers (desks, drawing tables) we feel energized. Use this energy to balance your posture before you direct your attention to your tasks. You are building the intention to initiate your workday’s focus around your own needs first and foremost.

Rescue Remedy

Even with the best intentions our posture slips occasionally. When your body cries out with tension, weakness or pain you are reminded to rebalance your posture. But first, soothe what is crying. Stretch or walk or drink to remedy the posture slip. You are learning to take care of yourself.

Working Time Outs

We can’t always take the work breaks that we want but we can insert partial breaks. When you are not typing, writing, or drawing, your posture can open up with a hands off the document/arms down freedom, permitting the body to lift up and smile again. You are allowing yourself to enjoy the experience of reviewing your work.

Rapid Recuperation

After hours of sitting we have challenged the body with just as grueling a day as hard laborers experience moving about on their feet. Pause before transitioning into your free time. Stand, sit, or lie in a restorative position as your mind and body pay full attention to how the other feels. You are feeling rather than thinking, listening rather than producing.

Carve out listening time throughout your day and you will feel better inside and out. These five office tips will make you look better and feel better. Learn to improve your posture and mindset with a 2-minute video for 5-days!

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Tammy Wise is a wellness educator, corporate wellness consultant, speaker, posture and ergonomics expert, personal trainer & bodyworker and the founder and creator of bodyLOGOS Inc., a Mind-Body Fitness, Wellness and Beauty Company. Her book THE ART OF STRENGTH: SCULPT THE BODY—TRAIN THE MIND, is now available.