Tax cuts for wealthy Americans. Sabotage of Obamacare. Meanwhile, increasing evidence about Trump’s collusion with Russia surfaces. Honeysuckle presents MK Washko’s outcry against a masquerading president.

You disregard what was spokenAll your promises are brokenYou’ll cut taxes in your reformFor the cream on topWhile your waitress can’t afford her children’s shotsCoverage for our medicalShouldn’t be our worryBut behind closed doorsYou push those bills in a hurryAmerican’s fight for their constitutional rightsWhile dreamers take flight with hope in their sightsYour criminal acts reveal your flawsWith all your confusion aboutOur founding fathers’ lawsYes you are the moron thatThinks he will dictate andDisrespect his coreWell the good people haveSeen what you areAnd Impeachment isAt your door.-MK Washko, ©2017–MK Washko and her wife, Shari Drewett, founded Better Being Catering and Better Being 940, an oasis of fresh food in midtown NYC. Their story is featured in the HERS issue of Honeysuckle Magazine.