For Mary Clifton, MD, cannabis is a gift. An internal medicine doctor, bestselling author and internationally-renowned speaker on CBD and medical cannabis, she finds empowerment in the plant every day. She has a 300-plus video library at and over 3000 Tik Toks. But nothing inspires her quite like her patients - particularly the memory of her older brother when he was dying of cancer.

Why Is Dr. Mary Clifton Passionate About Cannabis?

“I had every prescription medication at my fingertips,” Dr. Clifton recalls, “but the only thing that would control his symptoms, especially the psychic pain of his leaving too soon, was cannabis. Researching the overwhelming value of this plant led me to write two bestselling books and several companion cookbooks. I'm forever grateful to this God-given plant to help humanity with the aches and pains, physical and psychological, that living and dying together brings.”

Dr. Mary Clifton Expands Medical Cannabis Access With

Now the physician is expanding access to medical cannabis through her new platform “ is providing access to legal cannabis from the dispensary with your medical cards at low prices, entirely online, with no appointment necessary,” she explains. “For many people, the costs to obtain your medical card is another barrier to access. makes medical cards accessible, inexpensive and easy to obtain. In most cases, you can be in the dispensary on the same day you have your appointment. For a limited time, medical marijuana cards are just $50 by using coupon code MMJ50 at checkout. As a special offer, you also receive a copy of my book Infused, a cookbook of delicious recipes with healing oils infused into every bite.”

Mary Clifton, MD, founder of Courtesy of Mary Clifton @marycliftonmd

Why Is It Important To Get Medical Cannabis Cards?

Why is it so important to get medical cards, even in adult-use states? “Many companies still require medical cards for their employees, so for many people, a medical card is a condition of employment. For legal protection, such as disputes involving parental rights, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injury, and property and rental issues, a medical card can provide support and protection to bring the dispute to resolution faster and take medical treatment off the table as a bargaining chip for the patient and their adversary.”

With, Dr. Clifton predicts she’ll help more people treat themselves with the plant than ever before. She wants patients to know that “Cannabis is safe, legal and readily accessible in most of the United States. There are many different cultivars and consumption methods, so individuals [can] choose the product and take it in the way that perfectly suits them and their needs. For many of my patients, that means having two or three products available at any given time. A product that helps you sleep is probably not also the product to help stop your migraine headache or that 'weekend warrior' knee or back pain. The legal industry makes it easy to get the help you need."

Courtesy of Mary Clifton @marycliftonmd

Dr. Mary Clifton On Being A Woman In Cannabis

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: Which cannabis strains or products do you recommend to patients?

DR. MARY CLIFTON: The bestselling products are bestsellers for a reason. Looking for landrace strains and pure old cultivars is a pleasure too.

What's the worst thing about being a woman in cannabis?

For women, it is still not an equal opportunity world.  The worst part is when people cite the exception  to prove the rule. I was a single teen mom at 17, and it was a herculean effort to succeed in medical school and run my successful practice while raising my kids. Pregnancy and motherhood in the patriarchal U.S. make it very difficult for many women to succeed and thrive in cannabis, or in any other business.

What's the best thing about being a woman in cannabis?

There's so many men in cannabis, so getting into the bathroom without waiting in line at conferences is one of life's greatest pleasures. I love walking past the men in line for the bathroom for once! (Laughs) As a doctor and a mother, I love to help people feel better and have more confidence, and also to have agency over their own health and medical treatments. 

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*A version of this article originally appeared in Honeysuckle's 17th print edition, featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep. Get your copy now at dispensaries nationwide or click here to order!

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