It’s a big job being a father. For those who are doing it all, taking care of their families, themselves and their relationships, a gift of CBD oil makes for a useful and pragmatic gift that will enhance and make everyday life better for Dad.“I believe the greatest benefit is helping me to sleep,” says Shawn Hermanson, CEO of Player Complete, a wellness company that serves as a conduit for professional athletes to enhance their focus, performance and recovery with hemp-derived products. “I used to be a very anxious sleeper, but now I take 2-3 drops of my CBD oil and I am out until the next morning, rested and ready to take on two young children, and my wife.”Hemp oil has been described as a “super-charger” for the body’s endocannabinoid system, a neural network present throughout the body with receptors throughout the body.“Prior to taking CBD I had tried various herbs, meditation, exercise, etcetera,” says Andrew Havens, the CEO and owner of Nganic.

“I’m a 37-year-old dad with two energetic kids, a 2-year-old girl and 5-year-old son, and I use our CBD oil to help with the anxiety that comes along with being taking care of children and a household with my wife, in addition to running a business. When I get to the end of my day, my adrenal fatigue seems nearly non-existent, and I am ready to retire to bed without any trouble.”Dr. Philip Blair is a physician and medical advisor who runs pre-clinical trials of CBD as a therapy for P.T.S.D.  He states that all nine veterans in his trial reported some sort of relief from their “repeated, disturbing memories of their stressful military experience” after three weeks of twice-daily 5mg servings of CBD oil. “From improving quality of sleep to decreasing feelings of pain, CBD Hemp Oil has shown to improve quality of life with no significant side effects,”

Dr. Blair asserts.Because CBD does not contain the intoxicating “high” associated with THC, analysts are projecting the market in the U.S. to grow to $2-3 billion by 2021. CBD-infused products are surging in popularity, and they could make your gift to Dad one he’ll remember for years to come.There really is no limit to the type of great Father’s Day gifts you’ll find. Bestselling author and yoga instructor Darrin “Yogi-D” Zeer (named “America’s Relaxation Expert” by CNN) uses CBD salve for his low-back pain and says he and his wife use CBD lube for lovemaking. “It’s the only way to go.”Here are some tried-and-true products any dad will love:

Lovebud Body High Cooling Lotion Bar


Perfect for sore muscles from an intense workout, a stiff back from sitting at the computer, or any other daily pains in the neck, the Body High Cooling Lotion Bar provides a delightfully cooling, tingly experience to temporarily soothe minor aches and pains. The “So Extra” strength formula contains 500mg hemp-derived CBD extract and is conveniently packaged as a bar to allow for easy, no-mess application. Lovebud uses pharmaceutical grade hemp, non-GMO 99% pure CBD extract, lab tested to confirm CBD content and 0% THC content.

Price: On sale through Father’s Day for $34 (normally $48)

Uses: Use on your hip and back when the pain flares up. Can also be used on sore muscles after hockey practice or workout.

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Luxury CBD

What Method of CBD is Best for Me?

Chemdog Cometh, By the Numbers

Elixinol Citrus Twist Hemp Oil Liposomes


Hemp Oil Liposomes consist of sunflower-extracted phospholipids and are the best way to get your body to absorb the cannabinoids in hemp oil. Just a quick spray under the tongue from the convenient pump dispenser and you’re good to go. Elixinol is known for its full-spectrum hemp extract – no isolated or synthetic cannabinoids or synthetic ingredients. The “Miron-Violet” glass bottle allows energizing violet wavelengths to penetrate while blocking all others to prevent any phytonutrient oxidation. Does not contain ethanol, glycerine, polyethylene glycol, synthetic flavors or sweeteners. Available in 300mg or 1000mg per 1-ounce bottle. Great for dads who are “on the go.” Can also be added to your water to help stay energized and balanced.

Price: $59.99

Uses:  For rapid cannabinoid delivery deeper and easier than ever before.

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PlusCBD Oil Extra Strength Gold Balm


Bumps, bruises, inflammation and pain are often the price papas pay for the active lifestyles that keep them happy and healthy. Luckily, the skin is a receptive pathway for cannabinoid receptors, so applying CBD directly to the skin can bring fast and lasting relief. PlusCBD Oil Gold Balm’s moisturizing blend of almond oil and beeswax comes in a refreshing peppermint scent and contains 100mg of CBD in each 1.3oz container. A quick and powerful way to get Dad back to work and play!

Price: $46.76

Uses: Post-workout relief of pain and inflammation

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Sunday Scaries Gummies for Anxiety


Eating gummies can sure help make Dad feel like a kid again! Plus, having a healthy endocannabinoid system supports a dad’s goals of taking care of the kids, family relationships, and himself. Formulated with vitamins D3 and B12, these great-tasting gummimes from Sunday Scaries feed the endocannabinoid system while helping Dad think and focus, maintain healthy weight and muscle tone, increase the absorption of nutrients, and support hormonal balance. The green ones are my favorite! Free shipping to all 50 states.

Price: $39.00

Uses: For anxiety and improved focus for dads on the go.

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Nganic 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil


Revive and restore with this nourishing CBD Oil. Nganic prides itself on simplicity, with transparent lab results and the highest-quality ingredients. You exactly what you are getting, and nothing more.

Price: $105.00

Uses: Natural pain relief, anti-inflammatory, stress relief

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Plus CBD Oil Peppermint Spray (1 oz) by Your CBD Oils


This refreshing spray from Your CBD Oils is a personal favorite of the Honeysuckle team (it’s kept our editors from getting sick numerous times). Made from agricultural hemp, the solution inside tastes terrific, absorbing quickly into your system for ultimate relaxation and nutritional value. Perfect for dads – and anyone – on the go, the fun-size bottle is a great way for first-time users to transition to CBD.

Price: Normally $22.50, limited-time sale $16.00

Uses: Dietary supplement, anti-inflammatory, stress relief

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