“Our mission and goal is to make products that bring people joy,” says Brent Stevens, partner and Vice President of Sales at Flower Mill. Known for its compact, easy-to-use cannabis grinders that produce high quality “fluffy herb,” the brand certainly puts a smile on the face of all who happen across it. Stevens recalls how, when traveling to live events, everyone from cab drivers to restaurant workers to cannabis connoisseurs stops to ask him about Flower Mill’s revolutionary signature item.

“A line I really love is ‘becoming part of your ritual,’” Stevens explains. “We’re bringing people off of dabs and back to smoking flower because it’s more natural. They enjoy using [the Flower Mill] and having the smell of the terpenes come out when you pop it open. After you run [cannabis] through it, the flower opens up in a way that you just don’t get from a traditional grinder with teeth.”

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Meet Flower Mill

Imagine a culinary experience where the chef honors the innate flavors of the food, how powerful that is for your senses. That’s what Flower Mill does for cannabis; it encourages consumers to embrace the plant in its truest form.

Flower Mill’s design is completely unique (check it out for yourself at flowermillusa.com). The versatile grinder features an easy-to-open magnetic top, rather than the full 360-degree spins that other models require. Its kief catch can be interchanged with a ring so that the pocket for your flower is deeper, and the use of kief itself becomes entirely optional. Flower Mill’s food-grade stainless steel chamber with rotor, sleeve, screen and catch mills your nugs – hence the name – rather than shredding the cannabis. This produces a more natural “fluffy herb” (or “happy herb”) that gives a cleaner and more consistent high full of the plant’s best qualities.

Your Herb Deserves Better

“The Flower Mill doesn’t beat up all the trichomes and cannabinoids,” Stevens asserts. “We’re really trying to respect the flower and get the most out of it. [Nothing’s] getting stuck in the teeth and creating hash and gunk… Lighter and fluffier flower burns more evenly and consistently, no more canoeing in your joints. It lasts longer, you go through less product because it’s so even, and it ashes better. As you’re milling it, the product breaks apart naturally where it wants to crumble instead of grinding it. We cultivate premium buds that we pass you with chopsticks, with considerable expertise to grow and create, and then you stuff it into a grinder. When you do that, you’re abusing the product. With our design, the whole process becomes more thoughtful and respectful of the plant.”

Flower Mill in Action

Watch Team Honeysuckle's experience with the Flower Mill!

Where Did Flower Mill Come From?

Stevens’ enthusiasm is justified. He’s a lifelong cannabis consumer and has been in different parts of the industry for the last eight years, so he’s seen his share of frustrating grinders (largely unchanged from their original 1905 design) and lumpy joints. But in 2019, Stevens attended the CannaCon business expo in his native Michigan and discovered a company called Roiel Health that finally put a brand-new spin on it. The people behind Roiel’s distinctive Crown grinder were trained in automotive engineering, applying their expertise to processing the plant instead, but they didn’t know how to capitalize on their amazing invention. It was a match made in heaven. Within a year, they had partnered with Stevens to rebrand as Flower Mill and launch further-improved versions of the miraculous grinder.

Flower Mill's Brent Stevens with Redman, co-founder of the National Cannabis Party (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc.

Get the Finest Grind

Lest that word “miraculous” seem like hype, consider this: Flower Mill’s design not only gives consumers full-bodied herb, it also eliminates wrist strain, meaning medical patients and older smokers can use it without a problem. Its bottom catch, which can be opened with a quarter turn, allows for kief, hash, and stems to be separated cleanly from the nug so each person can use these elements to their preference. The different parts of the device can break all the way down for easy cleaning. Finally, the grinder’s interchangeable screens and patent-pending rotor system empower consumers to “define their grind,” as Stevens notes. You can use a micro screen for vaping or a more coarse one for Backwoods blunts, and each screen has been designed for the consumer’s preferred method of use.

In fact, consumers can define their grind to the point that they can even customize their flower based on factors from its size and type to adapting to the very weather around them. (Remember, canna-connoisseurs, crumbly nugs in dry heat are no good!)

(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc.

New Flower Mill Products and Making Cannabis History

New products will soon be arriving from the Flower Mill team, including a “mini mill,” which has a more compact design for portability. At a lower price point and with an adorable fit-in-your-pocket aesthetic, these fun-size iterations might just be the next big thing.

And in yet more pioneering news, Flower Mill is poised to make history this year through a collaboration with tobacco accessories giant Zig-Zag. The publicly-traded company will release an exclusive line in partnership with Flower Mill that, according to Stevens, will be Zig-Zag’s first cannabis-related products in its 140 years of operation.

Team Flower Mill with the National Cannabis Party's leadership team, including co-founders Redman, Sephida Artis-Mills, Mang-Yee "Juicy" Reverie, and Andrew Behringer (C) Honeysuckle Media, Inc.

Cannabis and Hemp Give Back

But in Stevens’ view, the greatest reward of working in cannabis comes not from achieving milestones, but in transforming lives. “I do what I do because of the clients we help with their stress,” he affirms. “To see people respond in such beautiful ways to [cannabinoids] is amazing.” He hints at new cannabis and hemp-based projects he’ll have on the horizon, which already include state-licensed grows in Michigan; The Shire Group, a company that helps streamline those businesses’ daily operations and compliance; and initiatives where cannabis can be given directly to communities in need.

Stevens’ ultimate message for consumers? “Thank you, personally, for all the business and opportunity to step into this space. [With Flower Mill] I love giving people something fun and it’s their favorite gift.”

Visit flowermillusa.com for more information on how to make the Flower Mill grinder your favorite gift too. Fluffy, happy herb for everybody!

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