If you were present for First Smoke of the Day’s Family Reunion 2024, then you know exactly what the vibes were. The city of Los Angeles was outside!

The First Smoke of the Day 2024 Family Reunion at the Penthouse Day Club in Los Angeles (C) First Smoke of the Day

What Is First Smoke Of The Day? Pack Gods And Blackleaf Lead The Cannabis Industry's Hottest Podcast

First Smoke of the Day has established themselves to be one of the most well-respected podcasts in the cannabis space. Hosted by industry veterans Pack Gods and Blackleaf, the show explores a wide array of topics throughout the cannabis industry, from smoke culture to cultivation to brand empires to so much more.

With passionate tastemakers on as guests, First Smoke of the Day naturally gives back to the cannabis community by offering a safe space to enjoy the flower while listening to some amazing conversations. 

Cody from Pack Gods (right) embraces a colleague at First Smoke of the Day's 2024 Family Reunion (C) First Smoke of the Day

First Smoke Of The Day Hosts 2024 Family Reunion In Los Angeles

On Saturday, February 24th, their annual Family Reunion event returned to the city of Los Angeles, serving as “a day of cannabis culture, chill vibes, music, and community!” The turnout was incredible, transforming Penthouse Day Club in the heart of Hollywood, California into a full-blown sesh. There was even a female aerialist swinging on a swing up high from the ceiling inside, providing entertainment for all those in attendance.

All the most fire vendors and brands were present, including Parlay, The Kush Factory, Fidel’s, Gotti, LA Family Farms, and more. The First Smoke of the Day booth was hard to miss, featuring both co-hosts’ brands, as well as swag from the podcast.

Blackleaf founder Lance greets attendees (C) First Smoke of the Day
Blackleaf merch (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

What Is Blackleaf Founder Lance Saying About First Smoke Of The Day's 2024 Family Reunion?

The right side was Blackleaf, with the brand’s founder Lance busy selling his eighths and hash holes for $30 a piece. He also had beautiful rolling trays that read: “Roses are red, violets are blue, but in the shadows, Black Flowers Grew…”

Lance states, “I’m happy everyone comes through. I get to connect with people that don't get out of the garden, that don't get out of the trap. That are hustling 365. They take a break, they show up here and everyone connects. The collabs, everything birthed out of this project. I love to see it. It's a year-long wave that starts now, and goes through the rest of the year. That's collabs, people linking off business. State to state, country to country.”

Cody from Pack Gods greets attendees (C) First Smoke of the Day
Cody with TerpHogZ co-founder Green R Fieldz and friends (C) First Smoke of the Day

What Is Cody From Pack Gods Saying About First Smoke Of The Day's 2024 Family Reunion?

On the other side of the booth was Cody from Pack Gods, who was also selling his eighths for $30. In fact, his KMZ strain quickly sold out within the first hour.

“We collaborate with the entire industry, so this is a time for everybody to come together,” Cody affirms. “Network, enjoy, party, celebrate. Ultimately have a good time. We appreciate everybody coming out, and appreciate anyone that fucks with the project. Means a lot, we’ll keep it poppin’! Let’s go.”

What’s beautiful is the fact that both Lance and Cody are from Florida, but throw events in both New Work and Los Angeles — a true reminder that cannabis is universal. For those located in the East Coast, they do a 4/20 brunch each year. (Last year’s gathering made our list of the best 420 events in New York City!)

As the invite reads: “It's not just the first smoke of the day; it's the one that sets the tone for the rest of the year.”

For more about FIRST SMOKE OF THE DAY, visit fsotd.com. Podcast episodes are available on Apple, YouTube, and all other platforms where you can enjoy podcasts.


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