“Women have been historically underrepresented in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera,” Catherine Delaloye, founder and executive director of Female Voices Rock (FVR), says, “and I wanted to create a festival that would help address that imbalance.”

Female Voices Rock: A Film Festival Amplifying Women Filmmakers

Since the rise of Hollywood films in the early 1900s, white men have run the film industry. Even still, in 2023, we see that a majority of directors, cinematographers, and other key roles behind the camera are taken by men.

Women’s voices and perspectives deserve to be displayed on the silver screen. So filmmaker Delaloye decided in 2019, to start an organization that would push female-creatives to the forefront of the film industry in New York City.

“I was extremely frustrated at the lack of opportunities for female filmmakers, so I decided to create them myself,” she says. “I put together an extraordinary team who helped me bring my vision to life and has been the festival's backbone.”

This year’s annual Female Voices Rock film festival will be held the first weekend of May, from Friday the 5th through Sunday the 7th at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, NYC.

Honeysuckle welcomes you to take part in this exciting opportunity to experience quality and endearing work from female filmmakers from all walks of life.

Notable Films to check out at this year’s Female Voices Rock:


Written and Directed By: Erica Eng
Featured Cast: Terry Hu (Never Have I Ever), Shannon Dang (Kung Fu, The L Word: Generation Q), Sharar Ali-Speaks (Missing, Insecure, The L Word: Generation Q), Amber Gaston, Helen Ong, Charles Yan, Mark A. Neely
Synopsis: Growing up in Oakland’s hip-hop culture, Eng struggles with her Chinese American identity. To her high school basketball team, she’s just that girl who sits on the bench; but to the Asian kids she’s "Americanized." As her sophomore year of high school comes to an end, Eng tries to find a sense of belonging within the two worlds that don't accept her.

Jesus Would Have Loved Punk Rock

Directed By: Abbey George

Written By: Charlotte Martin and Isabella Jarosz

Featured Cast: Sammie Williams (Dear Evan Hansen - Broadway), Maddie Lucas, Tommy Schrider

Synopsis: Veronica and Annie are fed up with the oppressive and corrupt nature of their Catholic high school, determined to make authoritarian teachers answer for their crimes and right the moral compass of the student body.

Leaving YellowStone

*Recipient of the Spike Lee Production Fund

Written and Directed By: Kayla Arend

Executive Produced By: Spike Lee

Featured Cast: Angela Wong Carbone, Sean Ricciardi

Synopsis: What starts as a romantic trip in the wilderness, turns ugly as Tessa fights for her life in the winter of Yellowstone National Park. Tessa is excited to visit Yellowstone National Park with her new boyfriend, Mark. However, when they arrive, Mark changes, aggression and cruelty building as Tessa starts finding disturbing artifacts around his cabin. What begins as an idyllic winter weekend slowly becomes a nightmare as Tessa realizes she's alone in the woods with a man she really doesn't know at all.

Mama Retreat

Written and Directed By: Eileen Álvarez

Featured Cast: Annie Gonzalez (Flamin’ Hot), Julianna Robinson

Synopsis: A weary mother-to-be attends an all-inclusive glamping retreat in the mountains, only to have her greatest fears about motherhood realized.

Full Female Voices Rock Film Festival Lineup:

Americanized - directed by Erica Eng

Anniversary - directed by Lain Kienzle

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles - directed by Lisa Cole

Birth Rights - directed by Maria Rosales

Call Button - directed by Rhona Rees

Choices - directed by Kameishia D Wooten

Counting - directed by Sarah Young

Daddy - directed by Jo Steinhart

Firecracker - directed by Caroline Guo

Five Star Review - directed by Vivien Vitolo

Girls Night In - directed Alison Roberto

Her and I - directed by Stephanie Marin

Hummingbird - directed by Lindsey E. Gary

I’m Sorry, I Tried, I Love You - directed by Goldie Jones

In Sickness & In Health - directed by Sarah Smick

Incurable - directed by Bahare Nikjoo

Jesus Would Have Loved Punk Rock - directed by Abbey George

Leaving Yellowstone - directed by Kayla Arend

Mama Retreat - directed by Eileen Álarez

Mary Meet Grace - directed by Faryl Amadeus

Matka/Polka (Mother/Pole) – directed by Joanna Suchomska

No Man’s Land – directed by Kristen Buckels

Punch Line – directed by Becky Cheatle

Rearranging Skin: A Love Letter to the World

Resurrection – directed by Luiza Budejko

Ro & the Stardust – directed by Eunice Levis

SAM – directed by Ryan Thielen, Jen Stafford

The Blue Drum – directed by Angelita Mendoza

Tooth – directed by Jillian Corsie

Unattached – directed by Fanny Texier

Wannabe – directed by Josie Andrews

Who? How? and Where? – directed by Victoria Garza

Behind the scenes of Female Voices Rock: A Q&A with the Founder and Executive Director, Catherine Delaloye

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: What do you think about intersectional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the film space today?

CATHERINE DELALOYE: Intersectional DEI within the film industry is an important and ongoing issue. The film industry has historically been dominated by white male perspectives, and it is crucial to make efforts to include and uplift underrepresented voices and perspectives.

There have been some efforts made in recent years to increase intersectional diversity, equity, and inclusion within the film industry, such as the creation of more roles for women and people of color, as well as the recognition of films that explore underrepresented perspectives at major film festivals and award shows.

However, there is still much work to be done, as many underrepresented communities continue to face systemic barriers and discrimination within the film industry. It is important for those in positions of power within the film industry to actively prioritize and invest in intersectional diversity, equity, and inclusion, both behind the camera and in front of it.

How does FVR practice intersectional feminism?

One way that FVR practices intersectional feminism is by creating opportunities for diverse voices to be heard. The organization actively seeks out and promotes the work of female creatives from a variety of backgrounds, including those who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. By amplifying a range of perspectives, FVR is able to elevate the voices of those who have historically been marginalized and underrepresented in the arts.

Through its programming and events, FVR seeks to create a space where diverse perspectives are celebrated and where important conversations can take place. FVR is committed to practicing intersectional feminism by centering and amplifying the voices of female creatives from a variety of backgrounds.

What do you want attendees of this year’s film festival to get out of the event?

I hope attendees feel inspired, empowered, and enlightened. I hope they feel like they have gained new insights into women's experiences and have a better understanding of the issues and challenges that women face. I want people to feel a sense of connection with the community of women who have come together to celebrate and showcase women’s stories and perspectives.

I hope our attendees leave the festival with new meaningful connections and friendships of like-minded people who share our passion of promoting gender equality and women’s voices in film. Hopefully, this will lead to our attendees supporting more events like ours and help create more opportunities for women's stories to be told.

What woman film director or writer inspires you the most?

Honestly, our FVR filmmakers inspire me the most. They bring a unique perspective to storytelling and challenge traditional narratives and stereotypes. I can't wait to see them directing big Hollywood blockbusters!

Delaloye closes our conversation saying, “Women are the future.” I couldn't agree more. To take part in this exciting future for film, get your tickets now. We hope to see you this weekend!

Female Voices Rock takes place May 5-7, 2023 at the Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. For more information on the films and accompanying events, visit femalevoicesrock.com. Get your tickets now!

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