California’s Exotix celebrated the end of summer in a major way. 

What Is Exotix? A Premium Cannabis Dispensary In Hollywood

If you ever find yourself driving through the heart of Hollywood, it’s hard to miss this all purple dispensary and smoke shop, displaying the hard-to-miss white Exotic logo. Located on 738 North Highland Avenue, Exotix carries a wide array of products, dedicated to getting their customers the relief they deserve. All products sold at this open dispensary are regulated, meaning they must have received a Certificate of Analysis issued by independent third-party labs licensed by the state.

Their first store opened in San Jose up in northern California, a huge success that warranted for one in southern California. Exotix is known for carrying the top, premium cannabis brands. 

Check out highlights from the Exotix "End of Summer Smoke Out" (Exotix Market Street):


Exotix Hosts "The End Of Summer Smoke Out": The First Exotix Market Street Event

On September 30th, Exotix hosted an event called “The End of Summer Smoke Out,” taking place on a beautiful Saturday in Los Angeles. The day started out with some light rain, but it cleared up just in time for this epic gathering. 

This served as the first in a series titled Exotix Market Street, which will be a monthly flea market taking place in the dispensary’s very own parking lot. Think of your Melrose Trading Post, but all cannabis. Guests who wanted to attend had to purchase something inside either their dispensary or smoke shop, and show their receipt to receive a wristband for entry.

Once inside, they were welcomed with a bong bar, rolling bar, dab bar, and two smoking lounges. This specific one featured 27 vendors and booths, from cannabis to food to boba. The mission? To give back to the cannabis community in a major way.


Exotix Supports Cannabis Brands Large And Small: The Zaza Queen On Building Relationships

The Zaza Queen, who handles PR management, sales, and events for the Exotix brand, stated, “Today, we have 27 vendors that are coming out. They want to showcase their brand; whether it's a small brand or a big brand, we want to support the community and give them a chance to come and interact with the owners of the brands that they buy and support every day in our dispensary. We're connecting the dispensary with the brands that we carry to show appreciation to them as well. This is a giving back and forth to brand support, dispensary support.”

In addition to the undeniable vibes present, Exotix was also giving away a $1,500 gift bag through a raffle. With each vendor contributing, this was a way for Exotix to give back to their customers who religiously come in for all their smoking needs.

When asked what the key to surviving as a dispensary was, The Zaza Queen answered: “Definitely keeping the freshest, hottest brands on the shelf. People like a package date for a week, two weeks ago. We try not to let stuff sit on the shelves for more than a month or two. We carry the top brands from the big distros like Teds Budz, North/South Distro, Purple Gemz. Shout out to all of them. We keep good relationships with the brands too, bringing on PADs so we can keep it moving.”

In fact, Exotix carries their own top-tier brand, The Bread Factory. Lemon Cherry Gelato and Runtz are some of their signature strains, along with their pre-rolls and wax. They also own the Dot Bar, which is an 100mg rosin edible chocolate bar that comes in 27 flavors.

Exotix Market Street, courtesy of Shirley Ju @shirju
Exotix Market Street, courtesy of Shirley Ju @shirju

What Was The Vibe At Exotix Market Street? Insights From Standard Cannabis

If you were hungry at Exotix Market Street, you were in luck. The food options were endless, including infused boba and deep fried Oreos covered with the Dot Bar. In the back was slow motion photography, capturing video content of the stoner in their prime. But one thing that did not go unnoticed were the fire brands in attendance.

Skateboarder and model Brandon Pendergraph, who was working with AshLouD Speakers, Maven Genetics, and Standard Cannabis stated, “We’re lit. We’re out here. We got so many different brands, there’s so many different deals. It’s poppin’. Every brand has something cool going on in each booth. It's cool to see everybody out here. It’s cool to network.”

Standard Cannabis has been around for 30 plus years, who have been producing hash holes well before this new wave. Their newest innovation is the hash wrap, which features all hash on the outside and is entirely handmade. Their Bubble Hash Wrap contains a whopping 1000mg of THC!

Gabriel Bojorquez, owner of Standard Cannabis, stated, “It means a lot to be here, to be featured with the Exotix line, to be in their store. To be able to showcase our flower that we just got first place in at Nothing But Fire, for that Zkittlez cross. It’s called VVZ. The cool thing about it is it's also ZA, when you turn it over. [turns jar upside down] Isn’t that dope?”

Overall, Exotix Market Street was a vibe. The perfect example of bringing the community together, and a moment for brands to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor by connecting with the consumers. Looking forward to the next one!

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Exotix Market Street, courtesy of Shirley Ju @shirju
Exotix Market Street, courtesy of Shirley Ju @shirju


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Featured image: The Zaza Queen at Exotix Hollywood, courtesy of Shirley Ju @shirju