In our print edition ONE, on sustainability, planetary wellness, and holistic thinking, we journey across the globe exploring all avenues of connection between humans and the Earth. But what does Earth herself experience at the hands of humanity? Renowned medium and spirit guide Lori Lipten is here to explain. She brings the following messages lovingly and painstakingly channeled direct from Mother Earth. We ask that everyone pay attention to what “Spirit Says” – and what our world needs most.

Lori says: As a Shamanic Medium, I first asked my Divine Helping Spirits to reveal guidance directly about the Earth. I then journeyed into the Earth’s core, to commune with the Spirit of Mother Earth for direct revelations. This article reveals answers channeled from the Masters of the Earth Grid and Mother Earth. Readers should note that when the guides and Earth speak of “humanity,” they do not single out individuals, only one whole. So as a whole, we are not yet awake.

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What is our Mother Earth feeling now?

Masters of the Earth Grid: We are the Ascended Beings who serve as guardians for the Earth. We work as a protective shield for Mother Earth. She is in a state of physical decline. She is ill and seeking help for healing. For Earth to thrive, she requires assistance from all elements living within her realm. She does not have human emotions but does feel. Designed for self-preservation, Earth has appealed to the Divine for intervention. Without it, she will either not survive or will need to reduce the amount of beings living on her.

Mother Earth: I am a living, breathing being who supports many life forms within and around my body. I am designed to serve and support you all, as one matrix of life.  I am in a state of slowly dying, aching from the inside out, as much of my energy has been siphoned from my belly. My body has become toxic within my waters, air, crust and mantle. Though this can be transformed, life forms upon me will cease before I die. I need help and offer great gifts to those who agree to live with me in harmony and  honor my being with impeccability. Those who do not, will end up feeling disconnected from me and will soon perish based on the current trajectory humanity has set in motion. One must honor their whole body for true flourishing. My pleas are not yet heard by the heart of humanity. I have appealed to the grid of consciousness that communicates with us both. With permission from the Creative Source, I am releasing my obligations given that humanity has forsaken her obligations to me.

Where is she most stressed and most healed?

Masters of the Earth Grid: The greatest harm to Mother Earth, exists within the bond that was broken between humanity and Earth. When humans came to this planet, they were given a trust through which they could develop and evolve. Humanity was given specific terms by the Masters of the Earth Grid, to work within the Earth’s matrix with honor. This contract includes an understanding of a mutually sustainable relationship between humans and Earth. This was honored for millennia until humankind fell out of conscious awareness of her essence. Humans then began to perceive the Earth as a bank from which to draw energy, without understanding the costs of these withdrawals. They lost touch with their sacred home as a place needing conscious care. Earth will go on, with or without humanity. For Earth, the greatest consequence has been the dishonor of the contract to care and live in harmony with her. From the Divine Hall of Akashic Records, this contract no longer exists because humanity has broken it.

Mother Earth: I am too hot and drained. I am weak and cannot breathe easily or cool myself down in the manner for which I was designed. I need significant efforts to stop clogging my airways. You are taking away my breath and increasing stress upon my body by reducing my trees. You are not replenishing them at the rate you are removing them. Stop this immediately.Forests and waters are the two regions of life requiring immediate attention. I need your help clearing my oceans and calming their energies. They are becoming too warm and filled with garbage that I am no longer able to cleanse. My imbalance is causing anguish to humans too – and I care for all life existing upon me; even when this honor is not reciprocated. I need humans to awaken and  become consciously involved with me. I am thirsty for this dynamic and will flourish when this happens. All must work together, across geographical boundaries, to sustain life. I require this level of awakening now, or else humanity will not survive living on me much longer.

What does Earth need to tell us?

I live in harmony with the Divine Creative Source of life. You too are Divine and we are meant to live in peaceful cooperation. We are not separate beings; we simply live in different forms, both designed to love, honor and respect one another well. I have lived many years with humanity and not suffered until recently. Now we are at a tipping point for life on Earth and though I am in an ailing state, I will survive, you will not. I would like to restore the sacred balance. This will allow much vegetation to return and my airs to sparkle with clarity. My water is a life supply for all to drink freely and is meant to flourish without human intervention. My Earth is rich with minerals and supplies to live in abundance, without draining me. I hold the power to bring plentiful quantities of food and shelter for all. But one must listen to me, so that I may teach you how to  thrive with me. First, humans must learn to see me as one with great prosperity. But this does not mean taking from me without understanding how to receive and give with honorable balance.  When one takes without understanding the proper cycles of flow, one will fall out of wellness and thus struggle for abundance, health and survival. When you learn to listen to your own soul yet again, you will hear my heartbeat and walk with nobility upon my lands.  You will discover the new Earth beneath your feet, in the air of your breath, in the nourishment within my foods, the comfort of my shelter and purity of my water. If you want to thrive, this is a request that must be answered now. We will work together in ways you did not know could be done. I await your answer.

You say that Earth no longer feels obligated to maintain this sacred balance with us. What can we do to restore her trust?

Masters of Earth Grid: Humanity was offered a contract through which to live upon the Earth plane, but has broken its terms within the last 500 years. When humans began exploiting the Earth beyond her capacity to return to homeostasis, she became unwell and so did humanity. Recently, the Earth appealed to the higher councils of existence, those who serve the Divine, and she was released from this contract, allowing her to do whatever is required to return herself to homeostasis.  Humanity can turn this around. It means understanding that Earth is a sacred body upon which its existence depends, and a bold shift in how all life is managed. For individuals, it means making conscious choices that truly honor the sustenance of Mother Earth as a sentient being. This requires one to be aware of how food, energy and waste help or harm life. You must also conserve wildlife and land. Make every effort to plant trees; and protect life and the Earth.

How does she feel about our treatment of animals?

Humanity harms life without attention to the consequences of these choices upon itself and others. Animals and trees are also sentient beings. But all beings matter, whether they are sentient or not. Humanity has not yet evolved beyond the need for harm. No animal or life should be treated unconsciously. When food or shelter is required by my life forms, one can ask for permission. Can this animal, plant or element from my body be used reverently, to serve you and life? When the answer is yes, this will be done with great care and mutual exchange of energy. All participants will benefit from the exchange without paying adversely. When the answer is no, the consequences will continue to unfold with universal disease and suffering. No animal has ever agreed to be chased, harmed or hunted for sport by humans. This is a myth created by human consciousness.

Why do humans show such little reverence for other life?

You are asking a highly significant question that requires true understanding of human consciousness. To simplify, the answers come from an appreciation of consciousness evolving through humanity, which expands through contrived limitations existing on Earth, that include duality. Duality permits a breadth of choices given to humans through contrast. This allows a dimension to exist that supports humankind’s expression of free will. This freedom exists solely within the confines of this ego-dominated realm. Humanity currently perceives life in terms of hierarchies. When one has not evolved beyond the myth of duality, the soul may perceive himself as above other souls, therefore capable of exploiting them for gain. This misunderstanding reflects the soul’s consciousness. Harm causes harm, and will continue to create suffering on multiple levels for many incarnations. Without this knowledge and understanding of the supreme interconnection of life, humans are confined to exist within a narrow world of choices justified by global mythologies. As humanity awakens, the soul becomes the guide through which wisdom, compassion and abundance are realized and myths are surpassed. Conscious awareness creates an increasing sensitivity until one’s sense of separation from all living things is completely diminished. Individual identities may persist, but they no longer impede a sense of unity with the Creator and all life. What you do to one thing, you do to yourself. Whatsoever you allow within your experience, will also impact you. All things are related. This is the law of life.

How can we repair our bond?

Humanity is awakening at a global level, but now is a pivotal moment. Awakening can no longer be a sluggish arousal. One must connect deeply to the higher heart of one’s soul, allowing the boundless well of compassion to flourish and lead the conscious creative path of one’s life. Love is the answer to every question. This is not a sentimental love from which one’s ego springs attachments. Rather, it is beyond the ego’s mind, the outpouring of Divine energy that exists within. When allowed to flow, it helps us experience wholeness, health and connection to self and life. It is the source of intuition, wisdom and spirited guidance. This benevolent, healing love exists eternally and universally. It will guide humanity into harmony within the individual, the community and the Earth plane. Perceived through the ego, it is assumed to be an overly simplistic route to change. Yet for one to truly flourish in love, one must be in a wakeful state and cultivate compassionate awareness into every facet of being. That is no small task. But it is not only achievable, it is imperative for humanity’s survival. Then humankind will shift from knowing Heaven as only available in the afterlife and experience it here on Earth.

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Lori Lipten is an international best-selling author, world-renowned medium, contemporary shaman, and empowering retreat leader and teacher. She holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and has devoted her life to normalizing intuition. She is founder of Sacred Balance Academy; the Intuitive Practitioners Certification Program™; Inspired Heart™ Programs and a variety of healing methods and workshops all designed to assist others in awakening to their highest potential. Lori serves clients around the globe and practices out of the Sacred Balance Academy & Healing Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Stay tuned for more stories on planetary wellness and connection from our upcoming print edition ONE!