Dream Team 1800911 from Fez Empire on Vimeo.”When I first saw Dream Team live and heard the song 1800911 the secretarial images of the 1950s and the social dances of that era were a clear aesthetic choice for making a video. We had talked about producing a full out music video (in pre-production) but I couldn’t wait.

There is something very attractive about the paired haunting feel between the band’s song and the crazed repressed culture and sexuality that would eventually break to a relaxation of social taboo during 1963 to 1974. 

I shot them at Bar Matchless and cut the video using stock film from that era with a television overlay to convey the thought of Bobby and Susie watching this rock duo in their perfect home right before the social constraints broke.

Dream Team is a Brooklyn based two piece rock & roll band recording their self-titled debut out SOON. They are Adam Roddick (vox, drums) & Grant James (guitar, vox).
Insta: dream_team_nyc


The Artists Involved
Fez Empire is an independent production house specializing in video production with a focus on interviews, branding from concept to completion, music videos and editingvideo for fashion.
Insta: fezempire