Honeysuckle’s Dorri Olds sat down with director Anton Corbijn in Chelsea, New York City to discuss his new movie, “A Most Wanted Man,” which opens tomorrow, July 25, 2014, and stars Philip Seymour Hoffman.Hoffman gives a brilliant performance as Günther Bachmann, a spy in a secret anti-terrorism unit in Hamburg, Germany. It takes place in present day and was shot on location in Hamburg. The cast includes Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright, Rachel McAdams (“Midnight In Paris”), Daniel Brühl (“Rush”), and Grigory Dobrygin.If you like smart, beautifully shot thrillers with high drama, intrigue and a stellar cast, go! The biggest reason of all to see this film is that it is one last chance to see a new movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.The movie opens in select theaters Fri., July 24. Rated R. Thriller. 121 minutes.

Written by Dorri Olds