Wouldn’t your cannabis experience be elevated to the highest level if your favorite vape also provided significant social impact? That’s the vision for the team at Dip Devices, a brand dedicated to bringing the ultimate consumption experience through innovative, premium-quality vaporizers and accessories while simultaneously contributing to the greater good. A percentage of proceeds on each device sold goes to benefit a worthy cause, which the consumer can select based on the model and color of the device.

And as Dip Devices seeks to save the world, supporting initiatives including marine conservation, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, drug policy reform, and racial justice--to name a few, they additionally strive to educate the canna-curious like never before. Their products are easily suited for both medical and recreational use, featuring a convenient and powerful dab and vaping system that’s excellent for use on the go. With special attention to affordable price points, Dip also ensures that their items remain accessible to all who want to try a high-caliber vape.

“There is a lot of interest in concentrates, but… a general lack of understanding among newer, less experienced cannabis consumers,” the Dip team said in a statement. “Many don’t understand the benefits of concentrates, the forms or even how to consume. Many are intimidated by the torch and rig and are looking for a more discreet, portable and convenient way to experience concentrates… Our well-designed and highly engineered products are calibrated to provide the best experience for both novice as well as experienced consumers.”

Enter the Little Dipper, the latest innovation from Dip Devices. At $29.99, it’s the most affordable vaporizer the company has yet to offer, but don’t let its lower price tag or small size fool you. This fun-sized delivery system packs a powerful punch. Boldly designed and durable, the Little Dipper is a charged-up compact and ergonomic sibling to the classic Dipper vape that gave Dip Devices its name. The new bundle of joy shares the iconic torchless Vapor Tip that made its big brother an industry favorite, but its tiny frame distinguishes it as a force all its own.

Little Dipper comes in three colors to highlight different causes (marine conservation, bee preservation, and racial justice).

Perfect for stowing in a pocket during a night out, rugged enough to survive weekends camping or hitting the slopes, and offering Dip Devices’ signature Patented Airflow Technology, Little Dipper is the kind of device that casual consumers will quickly want to make their “best bud.” Through the Vapor Tip Atomizer, Little Dipper provides fresh, clean and tastily nuanced extracts that can be consumed right from the container. The device is session-ready in seconds thanks to its built-in quick-heat coil and three precise power settings, allowing consumers to customize their experience even further.

Little Dipper has twice the battery capacity of similar devices, meaning it will rarely leave you without power in a clutch. And it’s astoundingly user-friendly; just push the button five times, check for the flashing light, and you’re good to go for some serious clouds.

Like other members of the Dip Devices family, Little Dipper helps consumers give back while healing their bodies and elevating their moods. A portion of each Little Dipper purchase is donated to a range of causes, differentiated by the device’s color. Choose Black to support the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Ocean Blue for marine conservation via Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit on the front lines of ocean protection, investing in research, leadership and advocacy that advances science-based solutions that work; or Yellow for bee preservation via Operation Honey Bee, a global movement advocating for sustainable agricultural and cultural practices to rescue vital bee populations.

We live in a society where voting with your dollars has significant impact, and with its ultra-affordable price, Little Dipper really does provide the largest ripple effect for a tool small enough to fit in your pocket. If you have the opportunity to help improve someone else’s life and the health of our planet, and enjoy a supreme cannabis experience at the same time, isn’t that the best of all worlds? It might be time to take a Dip and find out for yourself.


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