An Interview with Sunbeam

When did you start cooking with cannabis ?

I started cooking with cannabis 5 years ago, I have always loved to prepare healthy delicious food for my family and friends. Cooking with cannabis presented the unique opportunity to heal and share joy!

Growing up I always found myself around cannabis, but have never really been a smoker- to this day my friends in the industry tease me about it ! The discovery that I could ingest cannabis in food definitely changed my life for the better.

Where did you learn to cook ? 

I have learned a lot about cooking from watching the women in my family prepare meals large and small, always with fresh, natural ingredients. I’m very blessed to have access to home-grown vegetables, eggs, meat and poultry from my grandparents farm. The kitchen in that farmhouse will always be my favorite!

I started focusing on proper technique and nutrition after college. I discovered it was so much fun to nourish myself and those around me.

What sparked your passion for cooking ? 

Cooking, being in the kitchen meant love and healing to me; mind, body and soul. The ability to help people feel welcome, relaxed, share cultures and genuinely connect with cuisine is what really lit the fire in my heart for cooking.

Why do you enjoy cooking with cannabis? 

I enjoy cooking with cannabis for so many reasons! However my number 1 is simply the joy of healing those who seek my help. Cannabis is a truly extraordinary plant that I believe is here to heal with joyful medicine and it’s REAL.

Here’s the thing – I have seen cannabis heal miraculously over and over again – anxiety, arthritis, depression, cancer. I’ve even seen cannabis work it’s magic on the painful process of death by bringing peace, comfort and laughter.

Cooking with cannabis gives my life purpose and so much satisfaction. I’m humbled by and grateful for this amazing plant !

What is your favorite dish to infuse ? 

I love to infuse coconut oil, add it to my coffee or breakfast in the morning. We sell already made coconut oil at Sunbeam, using premium flower and each batch is lab tested.

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