After a children’s book writer receives a mysterious phone call. He undergoes an unorthodox form of hypnosis to confront a traumatic event from his childhood. In the process he discovers a terrible secret…**Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Syto Studios and DC4 presentStaringGarth Velazquez as The Writer(Executive Producer)Mara Brones as The Hypnotist (Co-Creator and Executive Producer)Charles Brones as The Storyteller(Executive Producer)Davey Martinez as The Hypnosis (Co-Creator, Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Producer)SoundtrackMaxence Cyrin- Where Is My Mind Piano Cover (Original Artist: The Pixies)Lichtträger- Evelyn Evelyn Piano Cover (Original Artist: Evelyn Evelyn/Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley(…)Visit Davey’s channel to check out his other film projects and support future film projects