Connoisseur Grade Only (CGO) Lyfestyle is a brand with a sterling reputation for providing the truest high-quality products to its customers. Based out of Sacramento, California, CGO founder Marcos and his team deal directly with cultivators and hashmakers, establishing a valued pipeline of premium goods to those who understand genuinely grade-A cannabis. Marcos has honed his skills over decades, but brought CGO to prominence in recent years with coast-to-coast events geared toward epicurean hash taste-testing that unite key cultivators, brands, and industry influencers. “Without unity, there’s no community,” he says.

CGO Lyfestyle founder Marcos interviewed on Honeysuckle's podcast (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

CGO Lyfestyle: Inside The Best Hash Hole Events

Though the entrepreneur studied under respected cultivators and ganjiers for years, but only created the CGO Lyfestyle brand as it is today in late 2020, feeling the time had come to introduce consumers to top-shelf cannabinoids in every category from a trusted source.

Just in the last year alone, Marcos and his team have been behind numerous occasions to highlight talent in the cannabis space. The Hash Hole Bashes on the East and West Coasts brought together cultivators, product innovators and brands, putting a focus on what’s new in hash and rosin. Dab Day In The Bay took the 710 "Oil Day" holiday and paired it with over a dozen top-caliber hashmakers at a private location in Sacramento for Marcos's birthday, featuring terpenes, music, and joyful chaos. Hash Hole Island in August hosted 30 premier vendors on a secret island paradise.

CGO Lyfestyle's National Hash Hole Day: A New Cannabis Holiday In "1130"

And on November 30, 2023, CGO Lyfestyle presented the first official National Hash Hole Day at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles. Hosted by Cookies’ leader Berner and renowned “Highest Host” Adam Ill, the event marked a new cultural holiday in the cannabis space. From artists like Devin the Dude, Stinje, and Lil Pete to brands including Big Boy Dro, Seven Leaves, American CannaGreen, Gotti, Zatix, and Sluggers, “1130” was framed as a new jewel in the plant celebration crown.

What's New For CGO Lyfestyle In 2024? From The California Marketplace To Spannabis

Kicking off 2024 with the right amount of heat and glitter, the CGO Lyfestyle team sparked the R&D Taste Testing event in Sacramento on January 19th.

"We are making history in Sacramento," they trumpeted on social media. "We are going to come together and bring the California market."

An epic collaboration ensued with brands including Cadre Verde, Kalya Extracts, Good Pizzza, Flora and Flame, and Moon Valley Cannabis. This was not just another connoisseurs' holiday, but a manifestation of Marcos's vision - a pathway for CGO into California's adult-use marketplace.

Recently, he also announced "The CGO Experience," a hash hole event jointly hosted by CGO Lyfestyle and Doja as an unprecedented afterparty event at Spannabis, the elite cannabis expo taking place annually in Barcelona. The CGO Experience will be Marcos's first event in Spain and the first international gathering for his brand. With the party happening inside Doja's private social club, the global demand for creating Connoisseur Grade Only memories has never been so high.

As Marcos attests, “Can’t explain how good it feels to be a godfather of rolling along with the greats… Dreams do come true.”

For more on CGO Lyfestyle, visit or follow @cgo_lifestyle on Instagram.

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Featured image: (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture