Honeysuckle is proud to present “Asians Across The Supply Chain: Profiles In AANHPI Cannabis,” in partnership with Dutchie! Through this final week of AANHPI Month, we will be introducing you to cannabis industry stakeholders who are building the foundation for this evolving space and pioneering the brands that serve the ecosystem as a whole. These professionals come from all across the cannabis supply chain, proving that each sector functions in tandem to build an inclusive, expansive and growing industry.

Meet Cat Ouellette, an internationally-renowned DJ and a licensee in New York’s Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) program.

Who Is Cat Ouellette?

Cat Ouellette, a luminary in the music and cannabis industries, has left an indelible mark with her exceptional talent and unrivaled expertise. Her DJ skills have graced the decks for celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart, Michael Jordan, Chaka Khan, Tiger Woods, and Eddie Murphy; and renowned brands including BMW, Vogue, NASCAR, and 20th Century Fox, to name just a few.

With a marketing career spanning over two decades, Cat has navigated the complexities of the industry, lending her expertise to Cornerstone and Universal Music Group. As a Chief Marketing Officer in the thriving cannabis market, she has positioned brands at the forefront of this evolving landscape. Her visionary mindset has garnered recognition as a Clio Cannabis 2023 Bronze winner for creative direction to Honeysuckle Media’s "Girls Are Playas Too" editorial shoot, which showcased women of New York’s legacy market. 

While immersing herself into producing dynamic music and captivating webseries, Cat continues to enthrall audiences with her exceptional DJing skills in New York City and beyond. She aims to normalize cannabis in society discourse, drawing a parallel with the acceptance of wine and beer, thereby advocating for a sophisticated appreciation of its cultural, social, and medicinal significance.


Join Cat Ouellette At The 2024 CWCBExpo’s Official After-Party, Hosted By The New York Cannabis Retail Association

Cat will be DJing at the official after-party for the 2024 Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBExpo), hosted on Thursday, June 6th by the New York Cannabis Retail Association (NYCRA). The event will take place at The House of Cannabis museum (THC NYC) in Soho, featuring food by Chef For Higher and five floors of activations by over 30 of New York’s leading brands. Tickets are FREE but space is limited - click here to get yours now.

CWCBExpo 2024 takes place June 5-6, 2024 at the Jacob K. Javits Center. For more information on the expo and its official conference programming, visit cwcbexpo.com. Use code HSM30 to get a 30 percent discount on tickets. 

Cat Ouellette (C) Eero John @eero.o

What Is Cat Ouellette’s Connection To Her Heritage?

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Cat is Vietnamese-Canadian. Her mother, originally from Saigon, left during the tail end of the Vietnam War. Cat was adopted by her stepfather at age 6. 

Cat Ouellette On The Asian Community And Cannabis

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: What advice do you have for Asians looking to enter the cannabis industry?

CAT OUELLETTE: Be true to who you are and surround yourself with folks with integrity no matter what.

The stigma is still real. What is something you wish the Asian community knew about the cannabis industry?

The industry is cutthroat by nature. There’s more snakes in the grass than ethical individuals. That is why I personally rather make music and shoot films. As far as the stigma in the Asian community, just a reminder that cannabis originated from Asia 28 million years ago. Thailand is the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis in 2022. We have a long way to go yet we’ve been at it for so long.

For more information about Cat Ouellette, including upcoming DJ and tour dates, visit catherineouellette.com.

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Featured image: Cat Ouellette (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture