October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. The mission is to spread the word and involve as many people as possible to raise awareness and funds to help support life-saving research and support.

The BlueMoon Project And The Pink Power Dream Project Partner For Fxck Cancer Party In Los Angeles

Now, The BlueMoon Project and The Pink Power Dream Project conjoined forces to do just that. On Friday, October 6th, leading custom jewelry brand BlueMoon & Co threw a Fxck Cancer Party at their Bluemoon Lounge in downtown Los Angeles, donating $20K for the fight against breast cancer. All proceeds from the event were donated to providing financial assistance and medical care to breast cancer patients in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Susanna Gonzalez, AKA Hola Chola (center), and friends at The BlueMoon Project x The Pink Power Dream Project's Fxck Cancer Party (C) Bluemoon Cannabis

What Is The Pink Power Dream Project?

The Pink Power Dream Project is a nonprofit organization created by Susanna Gonzalez, aka Hola Chola, a cancer weed influencer who is currently fighting breast cancer. It was Omar Harb (also known as Omar Jibawi or Omar J), the founder of BlueMoon & Co and its sister brand Bluemoon Cannabis, who heard her story and was so moved that he decided to not only give her her own product, but also throw this meaningful event. 

Gonzalez stated, “This is my story that I introduced Omar to. It was something that me and [Bluemoon team member] Roxy collaborated on three years ago when we found out about our breast cancer. For us, it was really important to start a foundation to help recognize other women that are going through the same thing. Because when you're going through this battle and this journey, it's really hard and you're constantly overwhelmed with medical and doctors.”

One thing that did not go unnoticed was the overwhelming support and love Gonzalez had present at the fundraiser, with her entire family cheering her on as we spoke. Sporting a bold fuchsia pink top with her hot pink lowrider parked right outside the venue, Gonzalez undoubtedly stole the show.

“I'm excited to get recognized, the whole journey that I’ve been through,” she continued. “It’s nice to have my own family here, everyone's here to honor the cancer patients. Put us on a pedestal that we should have been on.”

The Launch Of Bluemoon Cannabis And The BlueMoon Project's Breast Cancer Documentary

Bluemoon Cannabis was launched a few months back under BlueMoon & Co. Celebrity clientele include Jake Paul, Saweetie, Faze Clan, Anwar Jibawi, and more. A 9-minute documentary was uploaded to their YouTube page detailing the entire collaboration.

Watch The BlueMoon Project's THE PINK POWER DREAM documentary:

Ramsey Harb, producer of The BlueMoon Project who also directed and produced the documentary, states, “One day, one of our co-workers [the aforementioned Roxy] came up to us and she was a breast cancer survivor. She told us that one of her friends needed help paying off some scan that she was also dealing with, that she couldn’t afford. She brought her in, we did a whole interview with her. One hour turned into three hours. We fell in love with her cause, everything.”

“We decided to throw a party like this, a fundraiser that’s different from what the majority of people are doing,” he continues. “It feels better to do it for a reason. Most of the time, most people throw something just for themselves. 100 percent of the proceeds here go to our nonprofit, The BlueMoon Project, which gets donated to breast cancer survivors and patients. Our weed sales, our door tickets, our hookah sales, 100 percent of it goes to charity. I love it, I can't ask for a better situation than this honestly. It feels good.”

The Pink Power Dream Pre-rolls (C) Bluemoon Cannabis

The Pink Power Dream Pre-rolls: How Does Cannabis Help In Coping With Breast Cancer?

The collaboration between The BlueMoon Project and The Pink Power Dream Project also arrived in the form of The Pink Power Dream pre-rolls, which come in an adorable pink diamond box. With seven joints inside, customers are able to purchase them at Bluemoon Cannabis, or personally through Hola Chola,  who’s doing deliveries all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Gonzalez explained, “For one, cannabis has helped me throughout the whole process with my cancer. And it's still going because I went from stage 3 to stage 4 bone cancer. It’s definitely helped me throughout the whole process. I’m so thankful for Omar and the BlueMoon team. We had a meeting a couple months ago and talked about it, now it's coming to fruition.”

(C) Bluemoon Cannabis

The event itself was one to be remembered, with tacos, an open bar, hookah, and of course, weed. In the back, there were some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry such as Cali Kush Farms, The Cure CompanyStash House, Big Chief, Backpackboyz, and Hidden Hills. There was also the Bluemoon Cannabis tent that featured exclusive merch, including a Fxck Cancer jersey and long sleeves.

Ramsey concludes, “We run a jewelry company, so we combined our expertise in jewelry with our creation of packaging, and even the idea of manifestation. That's literally what we do. We manifest what we want and it works out 99 percent of the time. That 1 percent is BS. [Laughs]”

For more about BlueMoon & Co, visit bluemoonandco.com. To learn more about Bluemoon Cannabis, visit bluemooncannabisco.com.


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