This November, wellness brand Black Dahila will launch their new line of CBD-infused aromatherapeutic candles, “Alchemy for Home.” Each candle is carefully crafted to create the perfect vibe for your comfort space depending on the scent you choose to light.

On Wednesday, September 28th, CBD lovers and aromatherapy enthusiasts were invited to an exclusive event at the POPUP FLORIST for a sneak preview to celebrate this new and inspiring collection.

Creative Director Tim Tareco hosted the event and gave us the scoop on each candle—scent profiles and all. The guests tasted some of Black Dahila’s bestselling CBD goodies, like their infused chocolate bonbons. My favorite is the sea salt caramels—they’re to die for.

Building a Dahlia Bouquet at POPUP Florist for Black Dahlia

(c) Lynnelle Cleveland

To combine the sweetness of CBD goodies and the colorful aspects of dahlias, Black Dahlia partnered with POPUP Florist, a local NYC flower shop.

POPUP Florist is known for its lovely bouquets and DIY florist workshops. With the good vibes of the quaint flower shop, the array of CBD goodies, and a display of the new collection, the event was nothing short of a #feelgood moment.

One of the florists led a workshop on putting together our own bouquets. The fresh-picked dahlias were vibrant and paired well with the healing aroma of the candles. It was a lot of fun picking the dahlias and putting together a bouquet with the other guests.

After we chilled out with some CBD treats and created some gorgeous Dahlia bouquets, we spoke with Tareco about the brand and the new collection.

Black Dahlia is known for its tasty treats like its colorful lollipops and gelées in flavors like white peach and strawberry lemonade. They also have some decadent chocolate bonbons with vegan options, fragrances, and skincare—making it a one-stop shop for CBD lovers with a sweet tooth and an interest in self-care.

While Black Dahlia has mainly focused on CBD confections, fragrances, and skincare, the team has been working on products that bring good vibes to your body and your home. The combination of aromatherapy and CBD has gone from a few selections of candles and perfumes to six types of candles to match any vibe.

“Alchemy is all about transformation,” Tareco says. “We created the six different moods and vibes around these candles.”

In the spirit of “manifesting a mood,” each candle contains broad-spectrum hemp CBD and aromatherapeutic botanicals to conjure inspiration, focus, and relaxation.

“They’re exciting mixes of beautiful ingredients,” he notes.

Each candle is clean-burning and vegan, produced with organic soy-based wax, aromatherapeutic botanicals, and broad-spectrum hemp CBD.

The Black Dahlia CBD candles’ scent profiles will help you to manifest good vibes and great moods.


The “Tranquillum” candle stands for serenity and brings notes of Vetiver, Smoke, and Amber.


“Sodalitas” means friendship and this has notes of Jasmine Sambac, Lavender, and Earth.


The “Pax” candle provides a sense of peace with notes of Spanish Sage, Olive, and Cedar.


“Amare” is for a mood of love with notes of Bergamot, Black Currant, and Plum.


The “Felicitas” candle brings happiness to the home with notes of Spring Water, Oakmoss, and Cardamom.


“Inspiratio” is the inspiration candle that uses notes of Palo Santo, Patchouli & Spiced Honey to inspire all who enjoy its scents—my favorite from the collection.

Black Dahlia Launches The Alchemy For The Home Collection This Fall

“These moods are values that are very important to Black Dahlia,” Tareco shares, “and we hope to encourage them in the lives of our customers too.”

Black Dahlia will launch this collection of CBD candles on November 1st, 2022 via their website and many retailers around the U.S. So mark your calendars and get ready to manifest a mood this fall and winter season.

Thank you to Black Dahlia and POP-UP Florist for the amazing event. We had a blast, and we can’t wait to see how everyone will love the new candles.

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