By Celeste Mittman

Celeste Mittman is a born and raised New Yorker with 16 years of cannabis consumption experience. She's incredibly passionate about all things cannabis and believes that everyone should have safe legal access to this magnificent healing plant.

Recently, the advocate and connoisseur sampled eighths from Nor-Cal's heaviest hitters, including Humboldt Gardens, Obama Runtz, Respect My Region, and more. Here were her takes on this collection of favorites - read on to see how Celeste suggests you roll.

Celeste's Picks of North California's Eighths

Humboldt Gardens Purple Buds

Deeply beautiful purple buds. Slight lemon scent and appears to have gold flecks that sparkle in the sun. The taste is tongue-smacking deliciousness and the effects gradually relax the body, creating a sense of ease. Great for immediately after work, first thing on a weekend morning, or any time you need to get your mind right.

Joshwax Seabiscuit #2

The jar’s labeling is an experience in itself “Super Sayain strength?” count me in. This is some of the best, most “suited to what I am looking for” strain I’ve ever consumed. This batch is proper strong. It carries a potent and hashy flavor profile, with hints of turmeric and cinnamon evoking smell sensations of walking down an alley in Afghanistan. The effects are sedating, making it ideal for cozying up on the couch and winding down before bed.

RMR Legacy RS-11 Smalls Guava X OG Kush

This strain is trusty and well-rounded. I smoked this with friends and enjoyed chilling - later felt energetic and swam laps. Another time, I felt relaxed enough to drift off into a nap. The taste profile includes hints of sweet guava, and it is lighter compared to typical OG Kush strains. It provides a functional high without anxiety. The bowls have a twinge of pleasant berry yogurt-like flavor.

Humboldt Gardens Northern Lights x Chem Dawg

Majorly heavy sativa-leaning smell with notes of Lemon Pledge - an invigorating nasal experience. It has a menthol-like quality, with the punch of smelling salts. The taste profile leans towards vegetative grassiness, with hints of celery. When vaped, it produces huge white puffs. The buds are covered in trichomes, super frosty and keify. I’d suggest this for active experiences like a hike, yoga, or climbing. But can also be used in meditation and has a relaxing comedown.

Obama Runtz

In love with this bag of weed! Super gelato-y taste. Beautifully fresh explosive smell, and just as beautifully cured. The buds are light, fluffy, and moist with the ground-up flower smelling even better than the nugs. Your mouth is watering by the time you load up your bowl/vape/joint. Effects on point with an instant sense of well-being enveloping the body, mind, and soul.

*all photo credits to Celeste Mittman


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Featured image: (C) Celeste Mittman