The Lovers – A summer fling could add heat to your August. If you’re in the market for a new romance, the Lovers bodes well. Even with social distancing still the norm in some places, there are opportunities to connect both online and off. If you see someone you fancy, make the move. Get your flirt on and see where it leads you.

If you are currently partnered, this card can mean that you’ll have lots of chances to get closer this month. Deep conversations, date nights, Netflix and chill – find those opportunities to get intimate and even the thorniest relationship could see stronger bonds.

In some cases, this card can warn of a temptation. Just when you thought you were happily partnered, along comes a shiny new person that says all the right things. So what to do? Stick with what you know or take a chance on something exciting? No matter what decision you make, choose with care. The consequences of your actions in August will bear fruit a few months down the road.