Paris-based French-Australian Audie B (@audieb) has found herself among the many artists in music having to bring the same energy they would give onstage to a whole new platform itself: social media.

Audie B Goes Digital

As eyeballs flock to online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok at an unprecedented rate during COVID-19 shutdowns, those in entertainment are having to pivot to do the same. 

With all previously scheduled plans from tours to travel effectively cancelled indefinitely due to the ever-climbing international positive coronavirus diagnoses, surviving, resilient, and gritty artists like Audie B are getting down and dirty to put in the work to connect deeply with their virtual audiences.

Rather than viewing 2020 as a complete setback, Audie B has transformed quarantine lockdowns into an opportunity of found time to grow her brand, audience, sound, and artistry. 

Audie B shares, “I had plans for the U.S this year; I didn’t expect 2020 to turn out like this, no one did, to be honest, but it has been an eye-opener to many things, being able to focus on perfecting my craft, developing my brand, and last but definitely not least collaborations with international artists.”

Collaboration Between Audie B and DJ Bander

Her biggest collaboration to date is her partnership with DJ Bander (@djbander), a Los Angeles based DJ, producer, founder of Bander Productions, and thriving artist in his own right. Bringing their two worlds together. Thanks to an introduction by Audie B’s publicist, Nadya Rousseau, DJ Bander is elevating Audie B’s sound including her new track with West Coast rapper, The Game.

“I knew right away Audie B had a natural stage presence; she was just missing the full package of management and development to take her to the next level. Also, my current style of 808 productions is a perfect fit for Audie B’s fresh urban sound,” Bander notes.

As a Sony Top 100 charting producer, DJ Bander is familiar with the formula for artist and beat development and the importance of extending an artist’s impact on social media. 

Bander deliberately seeks out music industry professionals like Audie B for remote development with one hundred and twenty-eight thousand followers on his Instagram alone.

Audie B was a natural match for DJ Bander’s brand and goals between DJ Bander’s massive portfolio demonstrating his skills, talent, and background in hip-hop. Regardless of the ocean between them, social media and other online platforms keep them connected and in sync.

Although the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles where DJ Bander is based, has shuttered up, a collaboration of this caliber with Audie B acts as a catalyst for how growth is still possible even as the world stands still.

This collaboration between DJ Bander and Audie B will translate not only to social and professional clout, but will expand both artists’ platforms and result in mutually beneficial social media growth.