Welcome to the twisted Wonderland of legal cannabis, a realm where creativity meets curiously wild concoctions. From CBD-infused pillowcases to THC-laced toothpaste, we've seen it all. At Honeysuckle, we've never been shy about diving into the risqué and the playful, especially when it comes to matters of pleasure. So, on a recent escapade down the California coast, we stumbled upon a gem that even made our sex-positive hearts skip a beat: the enigmatic Lover Boy cannabis-infused edible c*ck ring.

Do Cannabis-Infused Intimacy Enhancers Work For Sexual Pleasure?

Now, before you raise your eyebrows (or other things), let's address the elephant in the room: Does the universe truly clamor for cannabis-infused intimacy enhancers? We shrugged off our skepticism and decided to venture into uncharted waters, which led us to a conundrum that rivals advanced calculus. Allow us to break it down and be prepared for the shockwave.

Lover Boy Cannabis-Infused Rings (C) House Of LDLR

House Of LDLR's Lover Boy: Edible Cannabis Intimacy Rings

Meet Lover Boy, a line of edible gummy c-rings. These Lover Boys come four to a pack, and the entire ensemble of sugary sex soldiers boasts a 100 mg of THC, a standard max dosage for the edible category in California’s legal cannabis world. Crunching the numbers seemed like a breeze: four rings equal 25 mg per ring, right? Easy math to realize these c-rings are both for the higher dose and the higher d*ck consumer. Well, hold your horses, Don Juan. While each ring packs a punch of 25 mg of THC, the enigmatic brand behind these saucy delights, House of LDLR (which we suspect secretly stands for "House of Loves D*ck, Like Really"), has a plot twist up its sleeve. According to the box, while each c-ring packs a 25 mg wallop, the recommended serving is a more modest 6.25 mg of THC. Brace yourselves for the bombshell: each edible c-ring contains a whopping four servings. As if deciphering the language of love wasn't already a minefield, we're now knee-deep in the era of blowjob math.

Questions swirled in my mind, a vortex of curiosity, because I've never been a math wizard. But lo and behold, this wasn't just about crunching numbers; it was about navigating the hilariously awkward territory of sexual wellness FAQs. Except here's the kicker: there's no website to be found for House of LDLR. Are we truly about to unlock the gates to the mythical "Garden of WEEDen," or have we simply been punked?

(C) House Of LDLR

Are Cannabis Intimacy Products The New "Sponge Worthy"? How To Decide Your Lover Boy Partner(s)

The ever-witty Julia Louis-Dreyfus, forever etched in our minds as the iconic Elaine from Seinfeld, introduced the unforgettable "Are you sponge worthy?" dilemma to a generation. Yet, in the realm of legal weed and the enigmatic House of LDLR, a new measure of sexual intrigue emerges—one defined by the tantalizing dance of mathematics that swirls around the art of giving head, as they say.

So how does one gauge if someone is "Lover Boy worthy" and how does one decide if it’s worth a fourth of the dosage or a case where you need the full 25 mg THC available? Is this a case where the greater the BDE, the more you lean to 25 mg or is a converse approach, the more you are disappointed by what you find, as they say, below the belt, the more one self-medicates? To be honest we find ourselves a bit stumped on this one. Regardless, just to be safe we recommend you dust off your old retainer case, folks, because Lover Boy doesn't come with a chic pouch. Just imagine this: you're down there, savoring the sensual moment, and suddenly you realize it's more of a sprint than a marathon. In such a situation House of LDLR banks on the idea that you'll want that ring safely tucked away for your next escapade, and that trusty old retainer case might just save the day (and the night).

Courtesy of Anita Couche

What's Next For Cannabis-Infused Intimacy Products And Sexual Health?

In the grand tapestry of life, one thing's for sure: cannabis-infused c-rings have landed, and we can’t hardly wait to see what crazy cannabis-infused toys come next. Whether you're a seasoned sexual explorer or a curious newcomer, don’t let this new world of intimacy by arithmetic overwhelm you; it's about reveling in the playful paradoxes of connection and pleasure. Just make sure you've got your calculations straight—or at least a sense of humor—as you step into this hazy, exhilarating world of THC-infused desire.

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