Lori Lipten is a world-renowned psychic medium, teacher, best-selling author and gifted shaman. She is also the founder of Sacred Balance Academy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. Among many of Lori’s incredible gifts, she assists clients in fulfilling their fullest potential and connecting them with loved ones who’ve past.In June Lori taught a class in Michigan on what is known as the ‘Akashic Record.’ Akashic comes from the Sanskrit work Akasha meaning sky, space, luminous, or æther. Today, it is known to some as a sacred dimension containing the complexity of your soul’s record or, soul’s ‘Hall.’

Our Chat With Lori

Q: What is your description of the akashic?

Lori Lipten: Everything is comprised of energy and most of that energy is imperceptible to the human eye. Shaman call that which is non-perceptible through physical senses non-ordinary reality or non-physical reality. The Akashic refers to the non-physical energy that records all that has ever been and will ever be. It’s like the non-physical data base of the universe and everything within it. The energy within this data base is encoded and perceptible through the human enhanced multisensory system. Another way of saying it, is that through our innate intuitive sensory abilities, we can perceive and even understand non-ordinary realities, including the complex content within the Akashic Records.

Astral-RealmQ: How do you use it with clients?

LL: I have been aware of my multi-sensory abilities since I was a child. Being able to perceive energies, multiple dimensions and soul essence was as innate to me as feeling emotions and seeing with my eyes. It was just a part of my experience. Currently, I access the Akashic Records of clients to bring through messages that uplift, inspire and empower all concerned. This information may be experienced as a healing; as gaining insights or bringing closure but it can also inspired a new perspective or trajectory for one’s life. Sometimes this manifests by bringing messages from loved ones in Spirit and other benevolent Spiritual Helpers, like compassionate guides, angels and master teachers.

Q: Are there any dangers to entering in the Akashic?

LL: There is a level of responsibility for entering another person’s Akashic Records that I do not take lightly at all. First, it is imperative that I am practicing as a hollow bone. That means, that my energy field is crystal clear and that my intentions are pure. I enter with full willingness to surrender any personal bias, open to allowing whatever truth is revealed and allow it into my sensory system. It also requires that whatever energy or information is imparted reflect the highest truth and inspires the highest potentials within my client (and all concerned).The Akashic Field is a very fine frequency, not easily perceived through ego identification and cannot be accessed by those with ill-will toward another. There are protections for all souls ensuring only the highest loving channels will gain access and those who may be unconsciously or intentionally meaning harm are prevented from entering.You will always know when someone has truly entered the Akashic Field of your Records in these ways:• You will feel a sense of deep peace, love or healing within yourself. You may even be moved to tears for no obvious reason.• You will feel inspired in some meaningful way.• You will notice a shift in your perception during and or afterwards that is sustainable, regarding a matter brought up or something connected to the session.• There will be a resonance with what is said, even if you don’t quite get it. It will either be validated (because a spirit is saying something the reader cannot know about you) or a knowing will prevail within you, that truth is being expressed.NO one should ever ask you for money to remove a curse, spell or karmic bond/debt from you. You have full dominion over your energy and can align with divinity at will.

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